Bad Sensor messages, why?

My 8 year old son Jack is T1 and has used the minimed paradigm real-tme pump with the SOF Senors and minilink transmitter for the past five weeks. We seem to have some issues with “Bad sensor” messages which results in the need to change the sensor much to often. Has anyone else experienced such issues. Any advice would be very welcome.

I often get bad sensor messages after I changed the sensor, usually within 24 hours or less. I just ignore it and tell the pump that I just put in a new sensor and it starts the process over and will work properly from then on. The longer that the sensor has been in my skin, the quicker it is to get it on-line and doing its job.

I just started on the CGMS with my 722 a few weeks ago. (Medtronic pumper for 8 years, type I for 26 years) I’ve had the “bad sensor” error three times. After reading advise from fellow users, I simply remove the module from the sensor for a few minutes, reconnect it, and tell the pump it’s a new sensor. So far, it’s been a successful workaround. I haven’t had an unusable sensor so far. I do agree with some that the accuracy of the Medtronic CGMS doesn’t seem to be consistent. Not calibrating when up/down trend arrows are visible does help some. I’ve also been told not to calibrate if bg is over 250, though that’s probably subjective advise. I guess the biggest gain I’ve received from the CGMS so far is seeing the patterns over time, particularly overnight and when eating complex carbs. I think I can improve the accuracy as I gradually make myself stay in an acceptable range over time. I still don’t like the larger needle on the sensor. It does hurt to insert and tends to hit sensitive tissue/vessels more often. Good luck with your son’s regimen.

I don’t know , if this helps : I put the sensor in before I go to bed ( keep skin taught) …cover it with some tape , so I won’t catch it on anything during the night ( as Dave’s wife wets the sensor ) and in the morning , remove tape carefully , attach the transmitter and " start the sensor " …I hardly ever get the " bad sensor " message and would do same as Sam Ebert …go to main menu, act sensor , act sensor start, , act new sensor without removing the sensor .
And yes, maybe you should contact MM for some more guidance ?

i was on the same sensor as your son and had no luck with it. It actually would read 100 points different then what I actually was and made my control worse with the sensor then without it. I have not used the sensor at all now and have no desire to plus it was not comfortable and got in the way.

I do just what you do Nel, only I go ahead and attach the transmitter and tape over the whole thing. It is ready to go as soon as I am up.
And Happy Holidays to all!

The Minimed CGMS worked well for me (I only used it for a trial). What are the ISIG levels when you get the bad sensor warning? You can view these by pressing “ESC” 4 times.

I was getting a ton of bad sensor messages as well as erratic BG values and lower accuracy than DexCom, replacing sensors repeatedly, etc. until we guessed that my transmitter might be bad. They replaced the transmitter, and since then, the bad sensor errors have stopped and accuracy has dramatically improved as well.

I wonder what they consider excessive? I get the bad sensor message about once a week, but have been able to reset successfully so far.