Bag for us

I’m sure alot of you have heard of this product but when my daughter started getting very dry and irritated in the site where she puts her pod, we had to find something that would help. Originally made for moisturizing cows utters, this vaseline like product really helps with the chapping of my daughter’s skin, especially this winter. It is a bit messy but we put it on her at night before bed with and old t-shirt and her locations are so much better. It doesn’t do much for the itching as soon as she removes a pod but it really helps helps to heal the site. I saw this article on yahoo about Bag balm and thought I’d share it.

Thank you… I have been taking “notes” on stuff like this to have if needed when my son starts the Pod in April. I really appreciate it!

It’s available at Harmon’s and many drug stores, and many quilt shops. Quilter’s use it on their sore fingers when they poke themselves with the needle…hmmm