Its days like these

I wish I had a tube pump. This is like the 3rd pod that has come off in a month, It just comes off =/ I need something sticky idk. but Its getting me mad, After 3 great pods, this has to happen… ughh

Do you use skin prep or skin tac? I have never had a pod just come off, and I use skin prep.

Hi Kenny -

I know this sounds strange but maybe it’s the soap or body wash you are using? I’ve heard on other posts that that is the culprit. Also, try cleaning the area with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol instead of using an alcohol wipe. It will take off any residue that may be on your skin and allow the pod to adhere better.


+1 on the alcohol. That’s all I’ve ever done before placing a pod and I’ve never lost one (other than when my 2-year-old knocked it loose while wrestling).
Also +1 on the soap idea; I, too, have read several people report that changing soap or other skin treatments (like moisturizer or conditioner) can have an effect on pod adherence.

I just started using the OP and have had some problems with the pods coming off early. I ordered the Skin Prep and will give that a try. I already thoroughly wipe the application site with an alcohol wipe and wait for it to dry before putting the pod on but that doesn’t work as well as I would like.

I wipe my son’s skin with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and let it dry. Then I apply a thin layer of skin tac and let it dry. Then apply the pod. I have found if you use a cotton ball with alcohol instead of alcohol wipes it is more effective. I use the bottle of skin tac not the wipes it also seem to be more effective. You have to let the skin tac dry and become tacky otherwise it doesn’t work as well. The pod will rip off the adhesive before the adhesive comes off his skin. We also cut the top part of a baseball sock and put it over the pod when he is wearing it on his arm. This keeps the pod from detaching from the adhesive if he accidentally hits it or is really active. Even under most of his short sleeve shirts you can’t see the sock and it just looks like an armband anyway. Good Luck!


I have never lost a pod…Curious? what cause it to come off?

Are you very physically active? I actually can never get the darn things to come off me when I need to! When I smash into a wall however, is another story. Anyways, I took a black sock, cut the bottom off, and slipped it on over the pod and around my arm, tucked in the ends, and worked out. It seems to hold it in place, and serves as a decent sweat band haha. Let me know if you have any luck with that!

I used to have the same problem. I tend to sweat a lot, and pretty much just attributed it to working out at the gym and more activity than usual. But one of the customer service reps at Insulet, who also happened to be an Omnipod user, set me straight. (Jason, if anyone has talked to him also, is AWESOME). Anyway, I had been using IV Prep, which he said tends to leave a lot of moisture that can cause the adhesive to fail earlier. He recommended Skin-Tac, which I switched to, and haven’t had anything close to a problem since. I highly recommend Skin-Tac, if you’re not using it already. Hope this helps!


I have had 2 or 3 pods that just peel off a little bit around the window. I use some Johnson & Johnson waterproof medical tape, it works wonders for me.