Barbara @jrtpup

Dear all,
Many of you have asked about Barbara @jrtpup, one of our admins, and a very active and beloved member of the TuDiabetes family, as it has been a few days since she last participated in the community (not like her typical self, unless on vacation).

Barbara, with Mike Lawson, and Brian @bsc, at AADE 2013.

We have news about pup. As you would imagine, she doesn’t want to cause unnecessary anxiety in connection with her situation. But I can tell you that she is facing health challenges she will not be able to recover from. Right now she is in good company, comfortable, and at peace.

Your thoughts and prayers for Barbara are needed and welcome. In fact, posting them here will give her family something very special to share with her during these times.

As we learn more and are able to share more details, we will.


Thanks you, Manny.
Pup, I really enjoyed getting to know you in the chatroom and love your sense of humor.
You are indeed a special lady and I send you best wishes, now and always.

Barbara - I wish you the strength to deal with whatever you face now. I've enjoyed your participation in this community. I hope that you are free from pain and enjoy the support of close friends and family. My thoughts are with you!

You have given so much to everyone here on TuD, Barbara, so picture us all there with you right now, surrounding you with love and light.

Barbara, take care of yourself. We're all rooting for you, but you know that. Best wishes as always, Trudy

thanks, manny, sorry to hear such news, wish pup love, hugs, i miss he.

Pup as my first chatroom friend on TuD, the one who encouraged me to get a Dexcom (I didn't even know what one was when I came here), never mind actually getting a pump which I always said I would not do, I want to express my sincere appreciation for all that you have done for me personally. We have missed you in the chatroom, your wisdom, your willingness to share and reach out to the newbies and oldbies alike have made it a fun place to hang out and learn. Take care of yourself - or better yet let someone take care of you like you have been us for many years.

Dear Barbara,

You will be in my prayers. May you find the strength and be offered the love to deal with whatever you face.

Thank you Manny…many tears here. Be well my dear dear sister.

I am speechless right now…
Pup, you are in my thoughts and prayers, you were my first friend here on TuD, helped me with everything, thank you so much…

Wishing you peace my dear friend. Know that you've made tuD a better place. Thanks for everything.


You have touched so many lives on TUDiabetes. We wish you calm and peace. Sending comfort your way.

Barbara and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Although we had our rough spots--as two strong-willed people who come together often do. I feel it is a privilege and an honor to know her and to "work" with her. Her presence continues to be felt here on TuD and in the world.

Wishing you peace my friend. May your next adventure be one wild, fabulous ride.

Thoughts and prayers are with you, Barbara.

You and your family are in my prayers and heart

pup you will be in my prayers, im pretty new to TuD but you were one off 1st to make me feel welcome in chat , good sense of humour and wonderful person iv learnt that in short time that iv known you, all the best to you x

You were always there to lend an ear when I wanted to vent about diabetes. You are a valuable member of tudiabetes

in my thoughts and prayers, jrtpup.

Pup is like everyone's Mom who gives good solid advice and is ready to listen. Thank you Pup, we miss you! The chat is not the same without you.