RIP Barbara @jrtpup: share your memories of Barbara

Dear TuDiabetes family,
I am in tears as I write this news... this morning, our beloved Barbara @jrtpup completed her journey and left this world.

It was this post on Facebook that made us aware of the sad news (thanks Trudy for bringing it to our attention):

The past few days she had been in hospice, peacefully surrounded by her loved ones.

In memory of Barbara, we will be suspending this week's Live Interview, and dedicate the time, January 30, 2014 from 1pm to 2pm Pacific, to remember Barbara.

Whether you can join us then or not, I invite you to please share your memories, photos, videos of this great woman that touched SO MANY lives! We will assemble a tribute video for her with your contributions.

You will be missed, Barb! BIG TIME. Love you, amiga...

Here's the day we met, at the Philadelphia LOVE park, during the TuDiabetes meetup. She was sporting a Duck Fiabetes t-shirt: she had an incredible sense of humor!

Update (Jan. 28, 2014 - 10:15 am Pacific):
To clarify, diabetes complications had nothing to do with Barbara's passing. As you may know, she was a cancer survivor, and she had a stroke after an operation to discern if her cancer had recurred. She never recovered after the stroke.

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I'll write more later...Im a bit too heartbroken to write clearly now. RIP Barb.

Same here. Need to get collected first.

Barb was one of the most caring and compassionate members of the community who was always willing to lend an ear or offer advise. She will be greatly missed by all of us. May God's grace and love wash over her family...

I'm just in shock. I talked to her just a week ago and now she is gone. She was such a good friend and she went into this all so bravely. I have such fond memories of Barb, all the time we spent together helping in this community and especially the time we got to spend together. Below is another picture from AADE 2013 last august where we got to hang out for a few days in Philadelphia. You can probably recognize Manny and Mila.

Rest in peace Barb.

pup i'll miss you

Brian, thanks for sharing that great pic! Meeting Barbara and getting to chat with her was always awesome. Her smile and jokes will always be remembered! Rest in Peace, Barb! :-(

I'm with you guys. Shocked, sad, in a bit of a daze... Let's all be sure to help each other through this. Remembering her great humor and laughing again at her jokes, and getting closer to one another in the process, is exactly what Barb would want. She'd also want us all to do the Big Blue Test a lot :)

My head and heart are reeling at the news of Barbara's passing.

I take some small comfort in knowing that my many warm memories of Barbara cannot be washed away with tears.

Rest in peace my friend. May your next adventure be one wild, fabulous ride.

While I never got the chance to talk to her, she seemed like a wonderful person and she was quite young :( . At least she'sat peace now.

I'm deciding to focus on some of the great things that Barbara has done for people today. She was an amazing woman that welcomed many people into this community. She gave so much to TuDiabetes and has helped shape the place that it has become.

When I hung out with Barbara in Philly, I didn't get many photos of us together, but I do have this one that she took of me and her TuD character.

I miss her presence on TuD already, but am thankful to have had her around.

Barbara and I talked dogs. We talked diabetes, too, but talking dogs was more fun. When we both injured our shoulders, we talked shoulders... Barb was a joyful, vibrant person, who had something in common with us all, something to talk to us all about. She listened, too. It is abundantly clear why she leaves so many, many friends. As time passes we will remember over and over again all the joy she brought into our lives. Peace, my friend. Trudy

This has been so sudden and shocking. She had such passion for our community and that void will be felt by us all. Thoughts and prayers to her family. I am glad for the opportunity to have worked with her and met her the couple of times I did.

Two redheads separated at birth. That's us! You will forever be in my heart sistah. Missing you terribly.

Okay, this deserves comment. Many of Barbara's close tuD friends were in the chat room a little while ago, sharing anecdotes, memories, and feelings. A newbie came into the room and was asking for help in dealing with his 12yo daughter who is going through a rebellious stage regarding her diabetes. The conversation switched instantaneously and we basically all rushed in like white corpuscles to offer suggestions and links to helpful resources. I know Barbara was watching and smiling and saying "Good!".

Yes David, thus upholding Manny's vision for TuD: that no one is ever alone. Even in our mourning, TuD is the best source for help, support, and understanding. And Barb was the master of that.


WWPD? What Would Pup Do? ;)

Funny you should say that, Manny. When I see a post somewhere that seems a little off, my first thought is, "what would pup say in this situation?"

Oh no. I, too, am stunned. Her kindness and her sense of humor were sustenance to weary souls in so many places......Blessings to all of us as we go through this together. And many blessings to her family.....