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The Bypass Effect On Diabetes, Cancer
Surgery Can Send Diabetes Into Remission, And May Reduce Risk Of Certain Cancers (60 minute video);photovideo

I actually had gastric bypass when I was 31 years old, 4 years ago. I didn’t wait to see if diabetes was around the corner for my life. I decided to take action before ever finding out. I knew four other people that I used to work with who either resolved or greatly improved their diabetes through gastric bypass, though. Out of all of us that I knew, I was the only one who didn’t have type 2 diabetes. For me, it was just obesity surgery. But I was truly amazed to see people I knew who were taking insulin shots and oral medications completely go off of those medications altogether. It really is a fascinating science and study. This having been said, this is not a minor surgery and isn’t for everyone. It was the right choice for me, though. I still struggle with my weight, but I’m only about 20 pounds overweight right now, vs. 120…big difference w/ no comparison whatsoever…not even in the same ballpark. I love my life now!!!