Anyone here make the switch from Lantus to this slightly cheaper off-shoot?

Yesterday discovered my insurance will not cover Lantus in pens, so was prescribed Basaglar instead. Will be trying it tonight, and am feeling nervous after reading terrible reviews, I can’t find any positive stories online.

Looking for hope!

lots of “hits” when I used the magnifying glass for it searching “basaglar”

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@MarieB: As always, great advise!

Yes I had bought one box of 5 pens to use instead of Lantus and liked the cheaper price. I wish it was even cheaper still by being sold in a vial.

It works just as well as Lantus, but the pen can sometimes jam. It did so for the last two but then one did start working again. In any case it is possible to use a regular syringe to pull out the contents so the value of the insulin would not be lost. I find the very fancy pens to be unnecessary and a real waste of money as they are thrown out after only 300u of use.

Then the price is higher during the latest problem of the Covid-19 and many pharmacies do not carry it because they do not have enough people asking. It is also because organizations of all types only do what they are told to do by the people who are less than great.

In any case I like the money saving opportunity and I do recommend it as a viable option. I like it.