Replacement for Lantus?

Lantus Solostar has been good to me with 1 injection of 24 units every morning (sometimes have to adjust up or down by 1 or 2 units). Insurance covers my Apidra but not Lantus. With my stock starting to run low, what long acting Basil should I chose as a replacement? Basaglar or Levemir?
I think Tresiba as drug tier 3 (PA required) would be tricky to obtain.
Novolin N would be 2ce a day like Humulin N. I get better control with Lantus.

I have used Lantus and Levemir basal insulin interchangeably over the years depending on insurance coverage and found very little difference between the two. Once I went onto a low carb diet, I had to completely give up basal insulin as each night was having 3-4 hypoglycemic events so just stuck with pre-bolus Humalog insulin before each meal and minor Humalog adjustments as needed. I am on MDI, not pump.

Basaglar is basically the same as Lantus.

At this point check your insurance formulary. I too had to switch to tresiba , after insurance stopped covering lantus. Sadly they pick what we take. Worked out well for me. Nancy50

Yes, my insurance covers Basaglar, Levemir and Tresiba, but Tresiba is Prior Approval only and with my insurance will probably take at least 2 months for approval.
I’ll probably opt for Basaglar in case I end up needing to shop GoodRX at about half the price.

[quote=“CJ114, post:2, topic:79639”]
Once I went onto a low carb diet, I had to completely give up basal insulin
[/quote] Sounds like a good diet change.

[quote=“MM1, post:3, topic:79639”]
Basaglar is basically the same as Lantus.
[/quote] Is this also your experience?

I have not used either

If you check linked post, lantus and basaglar are bio-similar.

Maybe your doctor can give you sample to try.

There are 3 types (brands) of long acting insulin glargine

– Lantus (lasts up to 24hrs)
– Toujeo (lasts more than 24hrs)
– Basalglar (lasts up to 24hrs)

Choose your poison :rofl:

I’d try the cheapest insulin 1st, and basaglar most likely, however, it did sound like some people had reactions to it…hard to tell if they were legitimate or not, but my levemir dosage was a little different than lantus, so as long as the price is the same, I’d probably try basaglar… plus most insurance companies will treat them as different medicines, so you could probably get both at the same time if your copay isn’t too bad…or try one for 90 days, then the,other. Probably not worth it to pay extra for tresiba, I like tresiba, but my insurance would only cover levemir or tresiba, and I was sick of 2 shots per day…

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My formulary made me take : Tresiba (insulin degludec) is a long-acting insulin that starts to work several hours after injection and keeps working evenly for 24 hours. Need to check for ne t year in case there is a change. Nancy50

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I used to be on Lantus, no issues except for the high cost. The doctor then changed me to Optisulin (The generic) but it just didn’t work for me.
After quite a while of struggling my endo changed me to Toujeo. It seems to be working, but I believe the price difference between this in Lantus is not very big.