Battery life indicator on the meter/remote

is there one??

At first I assumed that the battery indicator on the meter remote screen was for the meter/remote…but apparently its just for the pump.

So I have no idea how much battery life is left until it yells at me that I need new batteries (sort of annoying)

I carry batteries with me so Its not a big deal, just wondered if there’s a setting or somewhere to view the battery life for the meter/remote

thx :slight_smile:

If you turn on the remote and then hit the up button, you’ll see you’re last BG reading and the average BG reading for that time of the day. The battery level on that screen is the batter level for the remote, not the pump

ah ha, there it is :slight_smile:

I never really looked back like that yet lol

Wow, I didn’t know that, thanks!

I’m confused by all this as I have changed my battery in both my meter and my pump and each one has the little battery indicator on top that refers just to that device!

see on the main screen here the battery is full…but i was getting a low battery message which also confused me

but when I pressed the arrow up to get to this screen, I see the low battery life indicator…therefore the one on my main screen is for my pump which is a brand new battery

Wow, you’re right…how odd! It gets stranger! I looked in my manual and it describes turning on the meter and after the hourglass “the meter home screen will be displayed”. I always assumed the first picture you show is the “home screen” but in the manual it shows the home screen as your second picture (which is where the correct battery indicator for the meter lives). (pg 109) It doesn’t how the first picture at all which is the first screen I always get. I wonder if anyone else gets the Meter Home screen (second picture) when they first turn the metr on?

No, I always get the second screen… didn’t know about the ‘real’ home screen but I sure am glad to!

Hmmmm…strange! Not sure the first screen IS the “real” home screen (though it is the first screen for me), since as everyone has pointed out the battery indicator is for the pump, not the remote, and the manual describes the second screen as the home screen. Weird.

the second screen is the “meter home” screen, so yeah, you think that would be the first screen to come up lol. Maybe there’s a way to change a setting for that…when I have time I’ll haul out the manual again