Ping Meter/Remote Issue

Four or five times in the last week I’ve tested my blood sugar before a meal and then went to bolus and the meter/remote said that my last blood sugar reading was more than 15 minute ago and I should retest or enter a value. Of course, in reality, I just checked it. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a problem with the meter/remote that I need to report to Animas or just a glitchie thing that just happens from time to time? I’ve had my pump since 9/23/10 and it has just done this in the last week. I checked the battery on the pump and remote and both are fine.

Did you change the time on your meter/remote but NOT on your pump (or the other way around)? When it “talks” to your pump at the beginning of the bolus process, this error is one of the ones you will get if the time doesn’t match.

REPORT THIS IMMEDIATELY. There may be an error between the meter time and the pump time. Report it at once. Animas may trouble shoot it with you but it needs to be reported IMMEDIATELY!

Yes, this happens all the time for me. I assumed it was because I keep it locked, but really I guess I don’t know why. I always test, turn the meter off, then turn it on again and bolus. Then it registers the BG.

My meter and pump show the same time on them.

Thanks Jay. I tried to call, but the the choice for the meter remote in the menu says they are actually closed. I’ll give them a call in the morning. Thanks for your help.

Update. I talked to Animas technical instead of hitting the button for Life Scan and they are sending me a new meter/remote. She said it is a communication error. I teasingly asked if she could send a color screen one and she wanted to know how I knew that “secret” information. Like there are any secrets on this site, lol. The phone number for Animas also supports Canada so she actually has a colored one, but no, she wouldn’t part with it. Not to mention that the readings are different in Canada and the USA. Funny.

Lili call and they will replace the meter/remote for you.

Huh, mine’s done it pretty much since I got it, six months ago.

I’ve had this same issue on 3 of the remotes that I’ve had in the past 11 months. The last 2 have been replaced for various issues (one a communication freezing issue). The latest one I got just a couple of weeks ago is the colour version (I’m in Canada). They’ve all acted the same way. I’d be very interested in hearing if your newest one does it. I never found it to be a particular problem, just a little annoying at times.

I’ll let you know how the new one does.

I’ve had the same issue. It’s annoying! I just turn it off, then on, and then the number magically appears.

Mine was doing this occasionally, along with some other “communication loss” issues like cancelling in the midst of a bolus and telling me to “move devices closer” though I would have one in each hand. My first call to Animas had them telling me to switch which channel they were communicating on. I think this helped a bit; it occurred less frequently. I was having some other issues, though, so was sent a replacement about a month ago. The new one has done the “last reading more than 15 minutes ago” thing once or twice. Who knows!

I was sent a replacement once the colour screen was out (I’m in Canada), but it is the old non-colour one!

Carman, yes, I too have experienced the same thing…only a handful of times since I started on the pump a year ago. I have ignored it and and just plugged in the BS reading with the bolus. Next time it happens, I think I will call customer service and see what they say.

It did it to me once. I turned it off and back on and then when I went back into the bolus option it remembered the BG value it had just told me it didn’t remember. shrug Seems like an odd glitchie thing.