"Dim" display on remote meter for Animus Ping

I just had a “demo” oft the Ping, and I’m VERY impressed with the pump and THE SCREEN. It’s been the easiest to read of any I’ve seen!

BUT…the display on the remote meter was a BIG disappointment. The “blacks” were not black, and the font was very hard to make out. I’m hoping that this was because the meter had low batteries.

Is your remote meter plagued by faint grey instead of black text? I’ve got poor eyesight, and personally find the meter (as demonstrated) virtually useless.

Having said that, I’m so impressed with the pump itself, that I’m mailing out paperwork to my Endo on Monday to start the order process.


I just had a demo on the ping as well and the meter screen seemed fine to me. I actually liked it the most out of all the pump meters I have seen. It was either because of the low batteries or your eye sight that it seemed faint to you…one thing that was surprising to me was that the pump screen was black and the meter screen was not. But overall the screens are both good.

The meter also has a backlight that might be helpful. My meter seems to be very readable, so maybe it is the battery, or contrast setting that can be adjusted.

I’ve adjusted the contrast, but agree the screen is not the brightest and the blacks are not true black. Especially hard to see in sunlight. Under florescent lights though, very easy to read. Go figure. I guess we should never want to use the meter outside?

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if you hold the ‘ok’ button on the remote down for three seconds, the backlight comes on which improves the readability, but it still no-where near the clarity of the pump. I had a simlar reaction as one of the reasons we chose the animas so I could read my daughter’s pump w/o my reading glasses. The meter is MUCH harder. someone at animas told me they didn’t want to invest a lot of $$ in the remote graphics until they knew it was a hit, so hopefully if we all keep pushing for a better display it will happen.

that aside, we love the animas ping!

The normal screen works fine for me in well light environments, and the backlight is more than enough when in a darker environment.

I got the Ping a week ago, and have been practicing with it by entering carbs, bg readings, and doing a “bolus” with an empty cartridge in the meter.

Went “live” with the ping yesterday (5/23) after duplicating all my Cozmo settings, and so far, so good. I’m finding the system very easy to use, and am very impresssed.

The ping meter is truly dim, but not quite as hard to see as I had originally thought. In my opinion though, Animas needs to do something to make the remote meter easier to see. I’m certainly not the only diabetic with poor vision (grin).

i have been on a pump since november and that has been the ping. the only thing that really bugs me is the fact that i can’t read the pump in broad daylight. so if i want to get the correct dosage when im outside i need to use my meter. here’s another issue, not all of the features on the pump are on the meter and vice verse. other than that i think it’s a great pumping metering system.

Willow uses the ping meter remote all the time. We love it. For normal indoors it is sometimes hard to read but if you press the right sidce button and hold the backlight will come on and give ample light for the screen.

We just came back from the beach however and we quickly noticed that in the direct bright daylight we could hardly read the pump screen but the meter was very easy to read. I would have to move Willow to under the tent and sort of shade it with my hands to read the pump screen - say for setting temp basals and such, but when bolusing from the meter or checking bg - the meter was completely read-able (is that a word?? - lol)

So my conclusion is that it really depends on the type of light and where you are. At night I need to turn on the back light to see the meter when testing - however then I cannot see the test strip end - but we make do . . .

Hope this helps