"Battery Low" warning

I've recently had two instances where the pump said the battery was low, I put in a fresh battery, did the prime/rewind-- and it still said battery low.

Is this a sign of imminent death, or ???


Have you changed the battery cap on your pump? I have never had this problem - except when the battery cap was going.

I didn't. The pump has been working fine for over a week without another warning.

Interesting. I've had the pump for four years and never changed the cap. I see that Animas suggests that the cap should be changed every six months!

This is a dumb question, but are you sure you didn't confuse "pump battery low" with "meter battery low"? I ask because I've done that myself!

Ping displays low battery alerts both for the the pump and the meter. But I suppose you already realize that and would know the difference.

Oh wait, a couple of years ago I had a similar issue and learned I hadn’t been closing the cap on the battery compartment tight enough. It seemed too simple to be true but made all the difference… Maybe a defective battery cap would have a similar effect.

Only a hypothesis!

Oh whoops. I must have been responding while you were Zoe. :’ )