How often do you change your pump batteries?

I change the battery when there is one bar on the power meter. It cost me about 3
cents a day to power my pump...I think that's a fair price considering how much
the rest of the pump maintenance costs (infusion sets and reservoirs).

About every 3 weeks maybe a few days longer.

I change when they get just under 50% just to be on the safe side

I change when I get the battery low warning...but I am NEVER without a battery. I carry extras in my purse and have lots of extras at home. Of course, there was that one time when I didn't hear the alarm (or thought it was a "test bg reminder" and I got the "battery out time" alarm...see story on other thread about batteries.
Anyway, that's the first time in 10 years I somehow didn't notice the first battery alarm - sheesh, maybe my hearing's going too, on top of everything else?


Ha well I have switched to super dooper lithium batteries, the last one lasted me almost four months!

I change when the pump states that the battery is running low. I always have a few spares in my daily diabetes kit. Have been quite amazed how long batteries last in the pump.

Meter batteries last me about 6 weeks (meter is also the remote for the pump)

It really depends on the pump and how many options you have running.
My Animas pump battery would last about 3 months, but it is AA.
My minimed lasts about a month with all the bells and whistles running, CGM METER REMOTE, ETC but it is AAA. Big difference there with the size of the battery.

I’ve had mine for almost 5 weeks and both my meter and pump have just been changed. I’m using regular batteries for my meter, and lithium for my pump. I’m using the Animas Ping.