BC and D

Okay so I wanting to start BC to help with mood swings and things but didn’t know how much of a good idea this would be with D. I talked about this with my gyno and she recommended microgestin as it is “better” for people with D. Is it really bad for PWDs to take BC?


I have heard that some birth control pills can cause higher blood sugars, but MANY people take them and have no problem at all. I would take the one that your doctor recommended to be better for people with D.

Hi Elizabeth! I was diagnosed 2 years ago & I have used both the nuva ring & (currently) Femcon Fe BC pill while having diabetes. I haven’t had any problems on the diabetes side, although my periods are still irregular which I hate… I am actually seeing my OBGYN Friday morning and I want to ask her more about the relation bt my BC & diabetes, so I will let you know if she has any useful info!

Both my endo and my gyno told me that the increase in hormones from BC pills can raise insulin resistance slightly while you’re taking them - hence why I need to take about 20% less insulin during my period to avoid multiple low BGs. Both docs saw no problem with me being on BC pills at all, but they did recommend taking a pill with a lower amount of hormones (this varies depending on the pill).

I’ve been on the pill for 10 years and am currently using a generic form of Seasonale (about 3 years) and have had no problems as long as I remember to lower my basal & carb ratios whenever my period starts.

I have been on the pill (apri) for a few years, and I was diagnosed with t1 this past december. no one ever said anything about changing it or that it would have an affect on my BS, so I’ve still be taking it. my gyno knows I have diabetes and my endo knows that I am on the pill and no suggested changing anything so I haven’t.


I think all in all it’s really how it affects you personally. I have been on pills, the ring, and the patch. Of all, the patch was the worst. I just stopped it last week - was on it for a month. My glucose levels continued to get worse and worse. It would always be really bad the first few days, then it would taper down toward the end of the week when I would have to change it. My basal increased a good 20-30% and I was still in the 250-300 range. Since stopping it, I have had to go back to my regular basal and I’m dropping low more now. I called my gyno about it and he’s supposed to be researching it and finding a pill that I can take (that won’t cause trouble with other issues I have). Pills caused me the least trouble with bg fluctuations.

The week of my period my sugar would be completely out of control so my Dr. put me on seasonique. With this you only have your period 4 times a year so instead of having to deal with the out of control sugar once a month I only have to deal with it once a year. I have been on it for about a year now and I have had no problems with it at all. This coming from someone who has been on 3 types of BC while being diabetic.

so my gyno and I decided to go with microgestin. It has the lowest hormone and the most steady hormone. I took my first pill tonight, it’s too early to know anything. I was only dx in June and have had to deal with my period once and it was bad!!! Hopefully this helps! Thanks for the advice!