Beach Vacation/Pod Adhesion & Co-Pilot questions

We use skin tac (under) and tegaderm (over), and on pool or high sweat days we use vetrap. (I have a super sweaty kid.) However the vetrap can get a bit irritating - it's not that soft - so if it's going to be on a while we have cut the bottom off a sock, slide it up his leg, and put it under the vetrap.

You can buy tegaderm from any Internet medical / diabetes supply company, and regular sites like amazon and ebay sell it too. I found out last year that my insurance company actually pays for tegaderm, so now I just get direct from them. We use 4 inch by 4 3/4 inch (10 cm x 12 cm), product code 1626 or 1626W. They are the same thing - both have a "window" dressing, which means you can see the placement when you put it on - but the 1626 just has a piece of paper you have to peel off off the window before placing. Get whatever's cheapest.

I have had really good success cleaning the area with an alcohol wipe, then Skin Tac. After I apply the pod I put two inch wide strips of Opsite flexifix across both ends of the pod. I have yet to sweat or wash one off since doing this, but I still knock it off sometimes. I also do this for my Dexcom.

we just cover the entire pod with a large piece of tegaderm which keeps it clean from dirt and sand, dry, and she doesn't have to get out of the water every hour to let the pod adhesive dry out. works great and peels right off leaving the pod still intact. we also use the kinesio tape as a way to give extra support to the pod and comes in lots of colors :)

Maybe a little Uni-solve would help get rid of that residue. It's great for unsticking "sticky stuff."

Co-Pilot+Omnipod has pretty limited support even for Windows; there seems to be some major bug in the USB communication protocol used, I suspect it's a bug in the Omnipod extension. There's some magic to the order in which things get started/connected and it seems to be essential to wait until the PDM has finished packaging the data.

Here's another thread on the same topic:

I've seen similar problems to David Cintron but on Windows.

BTW I believe the extension directly reads the Omnipod settings, however the data is just a file in a fairly standard format. (IRC it's an XML file, which makes it very easy to decode and Abbott documents at least some of it; ).

The issue, of course, is having someone write some free software to do all the difficult side of Co-pilot; handling the UI and analysis/display of the data!

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Have you tried simply using baby oil to remove the adhesive? You can purchase products to remove adhesive but I have found that baby oil & a cotton ball or something of the sort works just as well...not to mention its cheaper! I use allkare every time I change my pod to help with skin irritation (mainly it drys out my skin & causes itching). I'm much older then your son..however I'm very active with water sports in the summer which often leads me to hit the water with high impact from water skiing, knee boarding, tubing, etc. This almost ALWAYS results in my pod ripping off. On days with this type of activity I make sure to use Skin Tac as it is stronger. For even more security (I mainly use when water skiing to keep the pod from ripping off of the adhesive piece) you can use something like hypafix:

I get everything from amazon.

I find that flexifix tape works best for us - 2 pieces one vertically, one horizontally - it was the only thing that allowed her to get a full three days during summer camp. Sometimes it is hard to get off...