What do you use to keep the POD on you?

Do you use alcohol Swabs, IV Prep or IV3000 plastic patches or anything other than what I listed???

I have only tried the alcohol swabs! I haven’t had any issues with the POD sticking until I went to AZ. I was told by a OmniPod rep to us IV Prep or Skin Prep. I wanted to hear from you all…

What works best for you??

I use skin prep to put it on, I have never had the adhesive come off, not even peel on me. I am also in the water all day sometimes, and it sticks perfectly. Taking it off is so simple and painless when you also use the uni-solve. both products are by smith and nephew.

Alcohol only here, and only time I have lost a pod is when I was wrestling with my 2-year-old and his foot found the pod during a kick. Even then, the cannula was still in and half the adhesive backing was still attached.
I’ve read more than one person say that IV Prep actually make the problem worse. YMMV, of course.

I posted a question about this in a different foum recently “sticking advice” and had several suggestions from people. I had used just alcohol for months but when summer hit (it’s really humid here) I started having the occasional problem. I ordered Skin-Tac and it has been working really well.

I just use the regular old alcohol wipes and they work well. My CDE gave me some “sticky wipes” to try but haven’t had the need to, yet…

Daniel - please give me the product name ? Our teen daughter has problems keeping her pod on when she’s in water. the back “sticky” part of the pod stays but the pod lifts off that ?? When school starts in August she will be on swim team - swimming every day. She’s used the Omnipod for about 3 weeks :slight_smile: any other advice or suggestions would be welcome. thank you! Brenda

Just wanted to chime in that our 2 year old LOVES the water and we had quite a hard time having the pod stay on during our first trip to Mexico this summer. When we got back, I asked another group what they used to keep the pod on. Most suggested IV3000 or Skin Prep. Another mom, whose son surfs all day uses a Coban Wrap (like an ace bandage that is self sticking). I bought the Coban Wrap for our second trip to Mexico. I put the pod on my son’s arm and then put the Coban Wrap around it and it worked great! He was able to stay in the water as long as all the other kids and even went down big water slides and we had no problems with the pod coming off. I think it’s probably the cheapest solution (about $6 per roll) and when you are done playing in the water, you just take it off and throw it away. The Coban Wraps do come in all different colors if you order online, my Endo mentioned not to get the purple because it will dye your skin! We got flesh colored and had absolutely no problems.

Hope this is helpful. Take care!

Skin Prep is used to make the skin sticky, and Uni-Solve is used to aid in adhesive removal. Both products are made by Smith & Nephew and are available online.

Hello everyone,
This topic is actually the reason I found tudiabetes.com. I was searching for something to keep the pod on my son when he’s active. The pod is fine during normal everyday activity but my son plays sports, football, basketball and lacrosse and swims in the summer so we had some difficulty keeping it on.
We did try different adhesives but the plain ole alcohol or IV Prep worked as well as anything else.
We also use the transparent bandages to keep them on but they are expensive and we don’t always have them when we need them.
We also tried an ace bandage that would adhere to itself and it was good except it would fold in on itself and bunch up becoming useless. It just wasn’t stiff enough to stand up to movement.
So, I recently went out and searched for something to put around his waist that wold stay put. I really didn’t want to get a neoprene waist belt. You know the ones people wear to lose inches. Because I know they’re very hot and he would sweat to death running around. In the search Alex’s uncle was at a sporting goods store called Modells and found a 2 pack of waist belts. One was a porous cloth band and the other was neoprene. Both about 10 inches or so wide, wraps around his waist and would velcro to itself so Alex could make it as tight as he needed.
These are great since they will hold the pod in place no matter how hard he plays. A full week of football camp wearing the cloth band and it kept the pod on with no problem. The neoprene also turns out to be good for swimming by keeping the pod in place and keeping the water away from it.
I hope this helps someone as much as it helped us.
The bands are made by Bollinger and we found them in the boxing section of Modells in Medford Ma.


I am intrested in ordering Skin Prep. All the sites I found seemd to be in Zew Zealand. Did you order them from site based in New Zealand or from another site?

Hi Kevin,
I would like to purchase the bands you are referring to for my son, but have not been successful at finding them online. I live in Florida. I went to Modells website but could not find them and have searched for Bollinger products. Could you please give me more info such as exact name of product or any other info that might help me find them.

I ordered it from American Diabetes Wholesale. I am sure that there are other sites that offer it, but this is very cheap and you don’t have to join or anything, like other sites. They have some pretty nifty stuff, too. I actually have to make a new order soon for more skin prep.

I have also found that also swabbing the skin prep over the adhesive kind of “seals” the adhesive, and I always let it dry before doing anything.

Hi Lisa,
I don’t know if I ever respondede but if not please excuse me. I am going to Modells to buy another band and I will save the information so I can give you exact details.


SKIN PREP, SKIN PREP, SKIN PREP!!! I can’t say enough about the product. We were having a major problem with it coming loose before our 3 days were up. We even considered going to 2 day pod changes. Since we found out about Skin Prep, it’s changed mine and my 6 year old daughters life. It’s bad enough she had to get diabetes at 3, but now I’m sticking these omnipods on her then putting additional paper tape on, just so they’ll last. I don’t know if it’s just people skin types but just plain old alcohol swabs wasn’t doing it for us. Then a friend told about this website and I saw everyones comments on Skin prep. I went that night and bought some along with the Unisolve. Both are by Smith & Nephew. Your pharmacy won’t carry these. Trust me I tried, Walgreen’s, CVS, Walmart, and Kroger. I had to get them at Lamberts Uniform/Supplies store. She is in the pool, or hot tub daily and sometimes she likes to linger a little too long. So I blamed that. I even started placing a Tagaderm strip down first before appling the pod. That’s great for easy removal, almost pain free, but not so great for the adhesive. I haven’t seen anything to beat the Skin Prep. My friend also suggested putting the pods on her arm, instead her back and belly. That has helped also. It definately gets less wet when she’s playing in the tub. As far as removing the pods all customer service said was to use Baby Oil. Which that worked b.ut with the Unisolve they literally fall off.
So far we are loving the Omnipod! It has changed our lives! Does anyone know anyone in Knoxville, TN. with Type 1? If so tell them about the Omnipod! She is the first and ONLY child in Knoxville with it. We are trying to spread the Omnipod love!!! Happy Pumping!

My doctor (Endocrinologist/Diabetic Specialist) recommends Arrid Extra Dry for Omnipod patients who sweat excessively. Just spray it on the spot and you’re good to go. He said the folks at Insulet Corporation objected at first, but have since published the same solution. I guess it makes sense - if you sweat alot and the POD keeps falling off, just turn off the sweat!

hello, everyone! i am getting ready to order the skin prep based on everyone’s comments… the iv prep is definitely not working well enough for me now that it’s hotter out. i am sweating like crazy and my pods are just falling right off. sooo frustrating!

anyway, what is the story with the “sting” and “no-sting” versions? does it really hurt that bad?

also, will it not come off unless i get the adhesive remover/uni-solve?

thank you!

That’s exactly how my son lost one of his very first pods - wrestling with his sister, and her foot kicked it off. I was immediately worried it wouldn’t work for him, but I think he’s only lost one or two since and I don’t think it’s ever come completely off again.

Lately, I haven’t been using anything except 91% isopropyl alcohol, applied with a cotton ball - twice. I don’t know if the IV Prep has any other additives but I know the alcohol thing is working for me. The Arrid Extra Dry trick worked for me last year and I’ll probably try it again when it gets hotter. Also, I shave the spots where the pods go and that seems help too. When it’s time to change the Pod, I put some alcohol on a cotton ball and apply it to the adhesive. After about a two minutes, I pull the Pod off, slowly. Your mileage will vary, of course.

That is all I was using up until the last week and a half, now my pods are falling off the within a few minutes of water getting on the pod or I go outside and do yard work. I will have to try the Arrid, It looks funny having a pod attached with a bunch of bandaids.