Last Minute Adhesion Aids?

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There’s been lots of talk on the boards about how to keep the Omnipod on if it regularly falls off you. I’ve not had a problem with it falling off except when I spend extended time in the water. Unfortunately, trips to the beach or water park aren’t always planned three days in advance. It looks to me like Skin Tac and Mastisol can only be used before placing the pod. Has anyone had any luck with adhesive aids that can be applied after the pod is in place? Also, because the pod adhesive is so pourous does anyone know if these things can be applied once it’s down? I’m just trying to come up with ways to spend a day in the water without losing my pod!

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My thoughts are that water can’t seriously compete with lots of massage oil…so my solution or suggestion is to try Tegaderm
which can be used both under and/or over your pod. I’ve done both.

I agree with Janice about the Tegaderm. Or IV 3000. I ordered a huge box of these pieces of tape that fit over the pod and adhesive. They really help when I’m losing adhesive power. Haven’t tried them in the water with the pod, but I’ve tried them over my CGMS sensor and transmitter (Navigator) and they work really well.

Depending on where you have it, you might be able to use a self-adhering bandage over the pod to help hold it in place. It works well for me when playing sports to keep it snug, but only if it is in a place like arm or thigh where I can wrap the bandage around.
See this comment where I described the kind of thing I use:

I use the 4" x 4 3/4" IV 3000 covers. I just take off the old pod and use it to make a cutout for the new one. I have tried just putting the patch completely over the pod, but when I’m doing a lot of swimming, biking, and running, I feel like the the area under the opsite turns into a little mini greenhouse…so I just steer clear of doing that anymore :slight_smile: I have also read of people using the liquid mastisol after the pod is on to ‘tack weld’ the pod to their arm, etc, but I don’t have any personal experience with that…

Ooo - that’s a great idea - the cutout! Less bunching, etc. It’s like the circles I cut in my tin foil squares to protect the crust of my chicken pot pies! lol

Hi all, just put my pod on the side of my leg this morning and already ripped off one side of the pod so it is swaying in the wind. I dont have any Tegaderm but will go to the drug store this evening, Can I find it there or do I have to order it? I dont want to have to change it again since I changed it yesterday with my 1st occlusion. I will try walgreens, walmart and cvs. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

There are a couple of things that will work for the few days the pods need to be kept on. I believe that I did once find tegaderm at CVS. I’ve also found that the roles of medical tape can be used to keep the pod stuck on better. Pretty much anything sticky that’s big enough to go over the pod (or to cross over it a couple times) will work. Good luck!

Thanks Rebecca I will try it

Self-adhesive wrap (aka, Coban) is readily available at CVS and Walgreens. See