How to keep the pod while wake boarding, if possible

I have been wake boarding and I used duct tape over saran wrap on the pod. It didn’t do much, that I could tell, to keep it on. My pod has been torn off of the adhesive twice. Do you have experience with IV3000 or Opsite by Smith And Nephew or any other remedy to keep it secured on impact? The pods have been on my lower back on my hip.

I would try to place it somewhere that is less exposed to impact. Try the back of your upper arm, above the triceps, or maybe the inner thigh area.
Also, how long are you spending at a time boarding? You could try going no more than a 1/2 hour at a time and then giving the pod time to try out before going out again.

Thanks, I will try my stomach most likely next time. I have not been out very long. Most of my sessions are less than half an hour. I have never thought about my inner thigh though, but I will probably try it sometime.

Yipes!! I just saw your post and wanted you to know that our rep told us NEVER to cover the entire pod with ANYTHING because it actually needs ventilation. One of the mom’s on my group said that her daughter surfs all summer with the OmniPod and uses Nexcare™ First Aid Absolute Waterproof 1 1/2" Wide Tape and you can get it at

Here is a link:

I personally haven’t tried it but will in a couple of weeks when I go to Mexico for my son.

The way this other mom explained it to me is you take four strips of tape and put two on either side of the adhesive and then cross the other two over the edges of the first two to make a big square. You will need adhesive remover (try Medi-Sol in the spray bottle) to remove.

Hope this is helpful to you.

Take care, Enjoy your summer

Mom to Carter, 6 years and William, 2 years (dx April 2007, OmniPod user Jan. 2008)

That would seem like a good idea, but for these circumstances it wouldn’t make a difference. What happened, is that the pod fell off of the ADHESIVE. I think they should improve this. When they came off, the adhesive was still intact, but there was just the pod missing.

Wow!! We’ve never had the problem of the pod coming off the tape - my son is pretty rough and tumble and he’s knocked the cannula out before but never the entire pod! I have heard of people taking a tube sock, cutting off the foot part and putting that over the pod (seems bulky, I wonder if you could use neoprene - like scuba material?) It’s worth a call to the Insulet folks to ask.

Thanks for explaining.


If the pod is on your upper arm, try using Coban Wrap by 3M.
They also make a latex-free version. My son uses the version called Vetrap (meant for horses, I guess) because it comes in a 4-inch wide version, but it contains latex, so if that’s a problem for you, stick with the Coban. Both come in a huge variety of colors, although my son only wears black. Buy a roll of Coban (white or flesh-tone) at any drugstore in the first-aid aisle to try it out before committing to buying a dozen rolls online.
Good luck!

Hi Janet -

Just got back from Mexico and had a hell of a time keeping the pod on my son, Will. He LOVES the water and so we found that having the pod on the top of his butt (remember, he’s 2) where the swim diaper hits just made the adhesive wet and very difficult to dry out. After changing the pod every day for 2 days in a row, I switched to his upper arm for the first time. He is still so little, it looked huge there but seemed to hold on better. He didn’t complain that it hurt so I’m happy to have another option besides just the two sides of his butt!!

We’re going back to the beach in a couple of weeks and so my question regarding the Coban Wrap is - do you just wrap the entire thing around the pod - over it - or just criss-cross it and leave the pod exposed? Do you wrap it once or a couple of times to stay on? Do you then take it off after all the swimming for the day is done? Then do you just throw it away and use a new one for the next day?

Sorry for all the questions but we went through 5 pods in 7 days and can you believe it, I got the beeping pod of death while I was there!! Never a dull moment in the world of diabetes…

When does a vacation from diabetes start? :+)

Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, Susan. I hope you haven’t left for your vacation. : (
My son is older & wears his pod on his upper arm when he is going to be very active (basketball, tennis, swimming). The Coban is like an Ace bandage but without that little staple/hook thing, so it doesn’t work like tape over just the pod. It needs to wrap around something, like an arm or leg. I don’t know if it’s feasible for a 2-yr.-old to wear the pod on his arm, but maybe covered in the wrap would be enough to keep him from tinkering with it. The wrap comes in lots of colors, so it might be fun for him to choose his favorite. It does get rather soggy when swimming, but my son usually lets it dry out & he can reuse it. Good luck. Diabetes never takes a vacation, does it?