Beach Vacation/Pod Adhesion & Co-Pilot questions

We are headed to Myrtle Beach for vacation & for my son Spencer, this will be his 1st beach trip with the pod. Last year he was on MDI. My question is any suggestions on pod location, and securing the pod. I've noticed after a day or two the adhesive starts to break down & the pod is not as secure. Has anyone had problem w/ pool or beach & the pod staying secure?
Also, I just purchased a MAC and realize Co-Pilot is not compatible. I know I can bootcamp my MAC & then use that to download his PDM to his doctor. Just wondering if anyone has a MAC & how/if you use it to download data?
Thanks in advance for your responses and help. You guys are AMAZING!!!!

I've been fine with the pod for beaches and pools. I find it can take 4-6 hours of continual water before it comes off. I've never made it through a water park day without losing it but usually by the time it falls off between sun and exercise I'm fine until I get home. That's been my experience. Of course, always keep a bottle of insulin and syringes with you just in case!

We went to Mexico on vacation and found out after the first day that it would be too hard to keep the pod on. She was spending all day in the water, and I don't think there was anything we could have done to keep the pod on.

As far as the Co-Pilot goes, I'd say just use a VM application of some sort on your Mac. I use VMware Fusion, but you could try "VirtualBox" (, if you are somewhat computer savvy.

well im not a kid but i just came back from a 2 week carribian cruise. As for my pod i wear it on my arm...and i bought vet wrap try a pet store or horse tac store and i wrapped the pod every day no issues with it at all and we spent most days at the beach or in the water. I also used skin tac to help with it staying on....the great thing about the vet wrap is that it sticks to itself and also it comes in lots of colours. I hope this helps enjoy your vacation

I suppose I should add that our daughter is 2, so we are somewhat limited on placement locations for the pod. :)

Check these out:

They help hold on an Omnipod.

MAC? Sorry. As good as these guys are they are still limited. There really is no good reason for buying a MAC any more, since they get viruses too these days. And, can't help you one bit for a social based personal info attack. If you bootcamp it fully with Windows 7, it should work just fine.

I also have the bands for life but i found them a bit of a challange when wet...i wear them more to cover the pod if i am wearing short sleaves.

hi mike we have weathered alot of beach, lake and pool with the pod. the only issue was jumping in the pool knocked it off or loosened it a bit so without jumping no real issues. his leg was the favorite for the beach so there was some coverage with his shorts, good for my self conscious boy. he also managed his belly site for lake swimming. we just started using tegaderm for his leg placement because he had an occlusion or two there last summer and i was leary. but 2 legs sites without issues ( well he partially knocked it off at school yesterday but it was due to be changed in an hour so no major damage...) he likes how the tegaderm just peels off after without having to remove the sticky stuff, the canuala goes right through it is suppose to help with occlusions and keeping it in place. but anyways best of luck with your vaca plan for some unexpected numbers with take out food and different activities but our last vaca to vermont, swimming, hiking was pretty uneventful diabetes wise! cant help with the mac question, we werent able to download the last time we tried but i'm old fashioned and keep a logbook but thats just me... have fun! amy

I use 2" Hypafix to secure the pod on back of arm or belly:

Good for hours swimming, snorkeling and freediving.

My 7 year old daughter wears it on her toosh, so bands don't really work for that area. She's always in the pool and what we've found works is that we put a 1" x 5" piece of hypafix tape across the part of the pod where it goes from skinny to fat. Then I take tegaderm and cut out a hold in the middle using an old pod as a template and I put it over the pod so it reinforces everything. It works so well for us that we do it now as a routine part of the pod change regardless of if she's swimming or not.

Just wondering - I'm going on a cruise in a couple of months - did you go in a hot tub ar all?

Thanks for your suggestion, is the vetwrap waterproof?

We have been using the "sticky" stuff, which he HATES, because after removal & he goes to baseball practice/games, his arm where the pod was is black were the adhesive had picked up dirt. It then feels like sandpaper trying to get it off. Is the tegaderm like a film or something, and it just peels off after pod change and where do you purchase it?

His endo suggested we not allow Spencer to get into hot tubs, due to the fact of the high temperature is not good for the insulin.

Do you put the tegaderm around the pod first & then use the hypafix? Also, which size/kind of the tegaderm do you buy & where do you purchase it?

My son didn't have any trouble keeping the pod on, but the salt water seemed to irritate the skin under the adhesive. I suggest bringing extras as we ended up changing the pod a day early. Have fun!

We put the hypafix on first, tegaderm last so it holds EVERYTHING down. We just do one strip across, but you can also experiment with 2 strips at a criss-cross. Tegaderm size is 6cm x 7cm (1624W). We also use skin-prep wipes by smith & nephew as a prep before everything. I order everything through amazon.

Hi Mike hope you have a great time at the beach. Please look at my home page to see what I use. Alchol first when dry then Cavalon it is a liquid wipe that dries fast and protects my hide from the adhesive, pod next, after insertion cover with Kinesio tape. the tape is very sticky also thin and stretchy which is what it was made for. It is water proof and does'nt leave any glue when removed. I fold a small piece of the pod adheisive over on itself to make removal simple. The whole piece comes off in one fell swoop when I am ready to remove, but is bullet proof the rest of the time. I have done hot tubs with no problems but changed to Novolog insulin because it is more robust. Had problems the last 12 hrs with Apidra. Sorry I can't help with the Mac. Have a great summer.

I did go in the hot tub a few times but as i wear the pod on my arm it was not really in the water

We've allowed our daughter to go in hot tubs (usually try to time it to be the last day of the pod) and we try to make sure that she doesn't stay submerged for more than 5 minutes at a time since she wears it on her toosh. No problems with the insulin. We also keep our pool at around 95 degrees and she's in there for up to 3 hours at a time and no problems with that, either.