Bears bikes and bug bites. Day 4

Wonderful day on the bike. Woke to drizzle and grey skies, but the roads were dry by ten. Started the ride at 81, which ain’t good at all. I had waffles an hour before, and only blouses about two thirds normal. But exercise induced insulin sensitivity is kicking in. I had to gobble 50 gram carb via sports gel to keep the legs spinning. I took it easy, but spent 2 hours under 90.

Trees trees trees railroad trees trees trees glimpse of mountains trees trees trees trees. My view from the saddle yesterday. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just thrilled to be here! Views should open up tomorrow when I get back on the bike. We’re In Talkeetna for a rest day and will go flight see Denali!

My applause that you have managed to start with 81 without going low. Are you in Alaska (I just googled Talkeetna)?