Bears, Bikes and Bug Bites. Day 2

Wow. Our day of playing tourist was thrilling, and tiring. A drive down to Whittier AK, a stunning clear water harbor on the scale of the Norwegian fjords, made this kid from the desert gape and stare. I’m totally bummed I can’t make my wife’s iPad insert photos. We spent 5 hours and 135 miles on Prince William Sound. And no kidding, saw Orca (I prefer “Killer Whale”), mountain goats, bald eagles, sea otter by the scads, Minke whale, harbor seal, sea birds in droves, and huge hundred mile vistas of hanging glaciers, piedmont glaciers, alpine glaciers, and snowy mountains as far as the eye could see.

This trip has been an unqualified success, but I do have one observation. Sleep could become an issue. I’m off to ride the Anchorage Tour de Cure this AM, and spin on up the road a small piece. And I’m running on about 5 hrs per night for the last few. Maybe tonight I can catch up.

Signing off now to get a little pre ride yoga in.

How did you do in the Tour de Cure?

The Anchorage Tour de Cure was great. My only regret is that it is probably the only time I’ll get to do it.

I'm so happy for you and your wife that you're enjoying yourself so much. When I was in Alaska, sleep and adjusting to the time difference and additional hours of daylight really messed with my system. There's so much natural beauty all around you that you lose track of time because it's still daylight!

Were you on the Chenega? I run that boat on occasion.

Sam, we were on the Klondike Express. I envy you your job!