Beating the Crap Out of Diabetes, Part II

“My primary objective is to lower my A1C to the low 7’s for the first time since the 1990’s. If I can do that, then everything will begin to fall into place and I will be on my way to owning diabetes once again.”

That’s what I blogged two months ago in May when I first discovered Prior to that post, my A1C was 9.2 in late 2007. My goal was to have it down by the end of summer, or else I would have to look into getting on the pump.

Anyway, I’ve been working my tail off since then trying to make this happen. Working out like a madman, changing my eating habits and carb restricting. I check my blood sugar more often than I check the time, which isn’t cheap but worth every penny. Most importantly, I log on to this site religiously…reading, learning, and asking questions. Diabetes management is my new obsession, and is a huge part of that.

Physically, I’ve been losing a steady stream of body fat and packing on the muscle. I’ve had to decrease my Lantus dose by almost 50% to prevent hypos. The dawn phenomenon has become much less pronounced, and my fasting blood sugar is almost always in the normal range.

I had my blood tested last week on Friday. Results came in over the weekend…cholesterol is down, my other vitals are normal, and my A1C…7.3.

First time it’s been that low since the 90’s. Oh Hell Yeah!

Perfect? No. But I’m well on my way to owning this dreaded disease…I can smell it. Thanks to all who said that I could do it on my original post, and thanks to all who continue to inspire me here on this site everyday. You’ve helped me achieve something in a few months that none of my doctors over the past decade had ever helped me accomplish.

I consider you all to be my true diabetes specialists.

yea, Dino! It’s great to feel more in control. You’re an inspiration and I always love reading your posts. btw, have you changed your lancet lately?

FANTASTICAL! Way to go!! You are a great writer, by the way.

Congrats to you too Dino! It does feel good to bring it down, especially by that much. It’s funny your story is very similar to mine - when I started the NutriSystem diet I cut my lantus by exactly 50% as well. Crazy!

I think that is awesome! Congrats on the new A1C!