I had loads going on this summer and got an A1C of 8.9 back (this was after a year of running 8.2) I got a phone call from the DR today. Guess what?????? My A1C is now 7.0!!! I thank everyone here for supporting me when I need it the most! I've gotten some advice from a longtime member, read some of the post & blogs and saw where I could bring it down by doing simple things. This site is awesome!!!!

I decided that only with the help of TuD and doing my part I COULD DO THIS! AND I HAVE!!!!! Thanks to everyone here and making me feel that I belong and that in turn made me start caring for myself again! Now I need to keep this going so ppl please let me know that this site has helped you too.

This argument about Types kinda had me upset yesterday. But now I'M BACK!!!!!! PLEASE ALL HERE KNOW TuD CAN DO THIS FOR YOU TOO! Again THANK YOU!!!

Thank You Danny! I'm kinda proud of myself (look out LOL)!

Way to go!! I hope I can get 1/2 your improvement!

Oh you can! TuD will help you like they did me! GREAT PPL HERE!

Baby, that's one impressive drop! Take a bow because we're all applauding.

Congrats!!! Yes...wonderful people on TuD, that is for sure!

Congratulations, Doris! I'm so glad that people were able to help you, and that you were able to take advantage of this site! I agree, it's a great place, and I so appreciate all my new friends, including you!

Way to go, Doris! That's great. It's a fantastic result. You did all the heavy lifting. Your victory is inspiring.

WOO HOO Doris-You go girl!!!!!!

gosh Doris, I swear when you told me this yesterday, I thought I was going to scream my head off with happiness for you! I'm so proud of you, my friend! I feel the same way about TuDiabetes. It helps me remember that I CAN do a pretty good job taking care of myself, that I'm not perfect at it, and because I'm NOT perfect doesn't mean I'm an uncompliant patient who should feel badly about myself, and when the car starts to run off the road and into the ditch, I can just start over and steer back in the right direction.

Just got up need my coffee to remember each one of you (yep need that caffene) Thank all of you for your comments!!!

THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! Congratulations, Doris.

Horrah!! This is a GREAT reason to celebrate!

Doris, I told you yesterday, but I don’t mind saying it again, CONGRATULATIONS! I know I would not be where I am today without the help of the DOC, but you have to put the effort in also and that is the biggest part of the equation. Keep up the great work so we can keep telling you!

@ Kelly and I humbley Thank You again (Shez anything humble about me You got to be kiddinf=d! LOL) @ Manny I thank you very much!!! @ Kristin this is a GREAT PRESENT!!! Krisitan now keep your A1C low whike your waiting on that baby to get here!

Ugh Kelly kidding kinda looked dirty to me so it's kidding! LOL!

Congratulations, Doris!!!!! Way to go! What an achievement! :) You must be elated.

Hey Liz as my dad used to say I got "the big head right" now! LOL!

Congratulations Doris.

I think that tudiabetes also rocks and so glad it has helped u make good changes not only for today but for

the future also.

Big hugs and kisses.xxxx

Thank You Osbo!!!! Yes for the future too!!