Bedtime bgl

Need some help! My bgl is 96 as I’m getting ready for bed. The lowest I have been bf bed. Do I need to bring it up? Worried I may drop to low!

For me, that would be an absolutely perfect number at bedtime. But what is important is how stable you are overnight. If your blood sugar tends to drop overnight, then you would be concerned. If it's relatively stable you should be fine!

I like that at bedtime too. If you want to double check, maybe wait 15 or even better 30 minutes and test again to see how the 96 will play out.

I will usually eat a tablespoon of peanut butter

I will eat a small square of chocolate at 96. 96 is a perfect number but I like the chocolate :-) and I prefer to be a touch higher in case I'm dropping. Acid's suggestion is a good one but I'm not all that diligent late at night.

How much do you usually rise or drop over night?


I had to laugh because last night after reading this post, I tested at bedtime and I was...yep, 96! I woke up this morning at a very nice 111. And no, my BG isn't always that perfect!

Thanks for all the insight! I actually woke up at 120 without snacking. I usually spike at night was wondering if my insulin would change that. Guess not.

Usually a lot, I think last night wasn’t to bad. 96 to 120? Still working through all of this.

Your insulin can affect if you spike. For a long time I used humalin-N which has a profile that stops the morning spike.

Currently, I am perfectly happy to go to bed somewhere between 80 and 100 at bedtime, as long as I don't have any fast acting insulin still on board.

I use levemir (14 u) overnight and I can usually wake up in the 75 - 85 range in the morning. Lucky for me my blood sugar is very stable overnight.

The main question is how stable is your blood sugar over night. You could do some testing (pain in the ....) wake up at set times during the night to see what your blood sugar is doing... Need not be all done on same night. But test at different times over a number of nights. I used to test when I got up to pee, but things are typically so stable I don't bother any more unless I'm feeling wierd.