Good bedtime BG

I was wondering what a good pre-bedtime Bg level would be.

i try to stay between 140 and 155 so that i don’t go low during the night, it seems to work

110 or lower at bedtime gives me good fasting numbers in the morning.

i HAVE to be above 120 before i go to bed.
so 120 :slight_smile:

Just like pre-meal, ideally I like to have my pre-bedtime be below 120. But then I have to have enough of a snack to bring me to at least 150 or I’ll have a bad hypo during sleep.

120 is a good bedtime number for me. Unless I’ve eaten a snack that i don’t cover with insulin adequately, I’ll wake around 80. If i wake at 80, I’ll have a good BG day.

Thanks for all the responses. I have another question, if it’s around 70 to 80, would it be ok to have a glucose tab and go to sleep?

I’d have something a little more substantial . . . and enjoyable.

Such as,

1/2 peanut butter sandwich with 1/2 glass milk

1/2 cup ice cream

apple slice with cheese

. . . then go to bed.


When you go to bed, set your alarm for 4 hrs. and check bs, write down, and then if you havent’dropped since bed until 4 hr. mark and again until waking, you should pretty much stay the same as bedtime, if not, you may be on too much basal insulin.

Many Endos. I’ve seen said that you should not go down more than 20 pts/30pts, if you do, you are on too much 24 hr. insulin. ??? Maybe chek out “basal testing” google it and it gives alot of good info. good luck!.