Been getting a lot of stinging when bolusing lately

Not sure what is going on. Lately, I am having awful success with site location and stinging when bolusing. I use the Inset 30. Either my site gets really red and irritated, and bleeds profusely when i take the set out, or i get serious stinging when bolusing. I have changed my site about twice a day for the last 4 days. I cant keep doing this or I will have to go back on shots. Any idea’s?

Can you change the speed of your bolus? I thought I have heard in the past that the rate of bolusing can be set differently on the Ping (from regular to slow or something like that)? I am on the MM and the bolus goes in slowly and never stings or is painful (yet anyways).

Its already set to slow.

Can you be having a reaction to the preservative in the insulin you use? Have you tried a different insulin (of course with talking to your endo)?Maybe you are having a reaction to your infusion set? Some people don’t have luck with the teflon sets. Maybe try the Contact Detach, a steel infusion set? How about the depth and placment of your set - I had issues when they were too deep and into the muscle - after 12 hrs or so it started to burn - so I changed the set and made sure it was in the fat tissue - pinched up when I inserted. This happened to me when I was using the longer straight sets. After switching to the shorter sets, it hasn’t happened.

Regarding insulin reaction- Its a possibility, but after 13 years? I find that odd that it would show up now…

Regarding steel sets- I get the same irritation with steel.

Regarding depth- This is the most logical reason in my mind. Im fairly thin, with little body fat. The shortest they make that I can find is 6mm straight in, or the 13mm angled. Both have pretty much the same penetration depth. I do not pinch up. I was never “taught” this method, which I find odd, so maybe that will help. I have an appointment on wednesday to get this sorted, but it sucks. Im really tired of the pain. Thanks for the idea’s.

You are welcome. I am fairly new to pumping too at six months. I have fat to go into, and I definitely pinch up when inserting. I especially do this with my CGM sensor as I place them in my thighs where I don’t have much fat and pinching ensures placement where it needs to be. I don’t remember if I was trained this way, but maybe it was ingrained in me doing shots and it carried over. I don’t know, bit it works for me. YDMV as they always say!