Trouble with inset 30

Hey everyone, I have been on the pump for 11 days. I have had to change my infusion site 4x and once I had to go to my doctor for help because the one I put in last Sunday night looked great but pinched and burned : (

The one i put in last night is uncomfortable now too! I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I did it exactly like my doctor and the instructions said. The skin looks fine so far and everything but it is uncomfortable! Any tips or tricks with these?

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but make sure you’re putting that inset (ANY inset) where you can “pinch and inch”. Don’;t put it near or on muscle. Also, when you’re getting ready to “fire” the cannula into a new site, try and keep the little “feet” at the bottom of the device (where that awful looking needle is) flat on your skin. I.E. don’t tip the inset delivery device “up” more, or you’ll end up poking the canula deeper than you want.

I’ve had occasional “burning” sites now and then, but it should definantly not be a frequent thing.


I agree with Joe,

I have had similar problems with sites and after a while we learn which areas are more sensitive. I have had a problem now and again with the Inset with jerking it at the time I fire the needle. This jerking has usually resuloted in a placement that is not deep enough - then there is more pain when bolusing. Other times I have gone too deep - almost a 45 degree angle and ended up with constant pain. Best to follow what Joe says - do not tip it up higher than 30 degrees

Thanks, I will keep all that in mind when I do my next one. I am a little underweight so I guess i need to be extra careful about being sure its in where I have some cushion!

My DD started with the Inset 30s too and for 4 months we used them and each site change was so hard and she HATED them! We changed to Contact Detach and she will not even consider exploring another set. You might want to try some other sets. I think if you call Animas - they will send you samples of other sets - or you might try calling your local trainer or your endo for samples. Good luck! Your sets should not be painful! Most days Willow and I forget where her site is . . .

Thanks everyone! My change on Sunday went awesome! I am hoping tonight is a success too!