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Hi I am Kris. I am a type 1. I am also a hardened veteran against the battle of us Vs. diabetes. I’ve had sugars of above 700 because a certain insulin stopped working for me. I have had lows as low as 15 in the middle of the woods. I have been uninsured for 6 years while on the pump therapy. I had a paradigm 522 but now I have a 712. I hate Medtronic with every fiber of my being. I am also a Biomedical engineer with a specialization in nanotechnology. I have been exploring alternative methods to diabetes management in my research and all I can say is that good things are soon to come. I have also gathered an extensive list of holistic medicine that is good in conjunction with pump therapy.

If you want to know anything or have questions about diabetes and what/why/where things happen when you are diabetic, ask away. Chances are that I have had this happen to me.

Hey Kris, and welcome to TuD. Sounds like you have lots of experience and knowledge to share, so jump on in! 15 in the woods! Wow! Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees! Funny you mention nanotechnology and the future of diabetes treatment. Whenever people talk about Smart Insulin I always joke by saying, “what is it, a troop of nanobots that are running around in our bloodstream?” No scientist here, but I’ve been reading Science Fiction for 50 years. It does things to your brain. Anyway, welcome!

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.”

I used to be pretty crazy but have calmed down considerably. I am sort of a huge fan of my Medtronic pump. I saw those other posts but was like “well, I don’t have that pump…”. What sort of alternative treatments have you looked into?

I have been speaking to the tech at medtronic since 2005 about their flimsy designs. The plastic is not at all suited for the torque induced on it by the battery cover. The glue that holds the buttons by the lcd is compromised by moisture very easily. Also there is an internal battery for the pump that has a shelf life of only 5 years (give or take 2 years depending on use) so every medtronic pump there is, is going to fail someday with a software error.

The types of treatments coming in the next ten years are pain free delivery of insulin. I can’t say any more because my patent is under review.

I haven’t had the same problems. There were a few times this winter when I ran outside and noted the numbers on the LCD getting a bit dim and flipped the pump around inside of my pants to keep it warm and keep the CGM data visible and whatever sweat got on it didn’t fry it out. I am sort of suprised that it’s lasted as long as it has and would not be suprised if it blew up given the fail rates on some of our other electronic gizmos. Good luck with your patent! Pain isn’t a huge part of my complaining but I’m sort of used to it?

well this would be all peachy and I wouldn’t mind sending the pump in to get repaired for free … but medtronic doesn’t work that way. If you don’t have insurance and your pump is out of a warrenty … they basically ignore you.

Oh and when they do send a pump out to replace your pump, they never send a brand new one… they send you a “refurbished” pump. Meaning the “replacement pump” they gave you has had issues in the past…

Hey there Kris! Welcome :smiley: I am a type 1 as well and this website has helped me a ton!!! Everyone is supportive, friendly and people actually keep in touch. I hope you enjoy it here … if you have any questions just ask away :slight_smile: Have a great night, don’t be a stranger LOL

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Thanks Amber :slight_smile: … I see you live in florida, up here in nyc we have type 1 meetups once a month where we go out to dinner or do a group activity. Don’t be a stranger if you are ever up in nyc.

WOW that is so neat that you have type 1 meet ups! I wish we had that here in Tallahassee. We have a free diabetic clinic where you make an appointment and meet with your diabetic educator nurse. It’s free, clean and a great way to get help if you cannot get into your doctor. I often think about starting up a local group where diabetics can get together, make friends, socialize, get support … the whole 9 yards! If my husband and I are ever up in NYC then I’ll let ya know :slight_smile: Thanks! Same for you if you’re ever in FL. Have a great night!

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Nanotech, great! Please develop a nano means to deliver insulin, even smaller pumps with an easy refil would be welcome.

Those are some crazy extremes in blood sugars. I thank my lucky stars each and every day that I have amazing insurance. Good luck on your patent.

I’m really sorry to hear about your out-of-warranty problems because of lack of insurance. But I think it’s a problem with our health care system and not specifically Medtronic. I doubt any other company would give you the time of day, either.

I’ll be eager to hear about your invention if your patent goes through. I don’t have any pain with taking insulin, especially with the pump – what I’d like is a way to avoid fingersticks. Maybe you can make that your next invention! :slight_smile:

My records are over 600 but don’t know how much, and 32 when I visited China, and my basal couldn’t cope with the time zone change. Can’t possibly compete with you, but that’s OK with me! :slight_smile:

It almost sounds like his main complaint is that Medtronic makes cheap pumps (cheap as in quality, of course its not cheap price-wise).

Question for K…K…, please from a 522 to a 712 …is n’t that going backwards ?

712 is a newer version

The development history of the Minimed pump goes back to the 1980s. [10]
1983 – 1st Pump MiniMed 502 (Eli Lilly makes synthetic insulin[11])
1985 – MiniMed 504 Insulin Pump
1992 – Launch Of MiniMed 506 Insulin Pump
1996 – Introduction of MiniMed 507 Pump
1999 – Launch of the Model 507C
1999 – Introduction of MiniMed 508 Insulin Pump
2002 – Inauguration of the MiniMed Paradigm 511
2003 – 1st Wireless MiniMed Paradigm 512/712 (followed by 515/715)
2006 – MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time 522/722
2010 – MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time Revel 523/723 [12