New here, just wanted to say hi!

Hey guys, never been to this forum before, but it looks like a lot of fun.

Anyways, I am 25 and I have had diabetes since I was 11. I am currently using the Medtronic 722 with the Real Time Monitor, and my life has never been better.

I live in CA and work in sales. Its actually nice living here because the pump company is down the road. For anyone who doesnt mind fires and earthquakes, it is truely paradise.

I wont lie and say that I have been the most compliant person, and my early years with diabetes is proof. I had a lot of problems controlling BGs with MDI and my insurance wouldnt cover a pump. My A1C at its highest was 13. That all changed in 2005. With the Cozmo, my A1C’s came down to about 8, but I hated carrying that clunker around. My god, it was enormous, and felt like I was carrying a grapefruit in my pocket. In march of 2006 I switched to the Medtronic 722 and I finally hit the normal range of 6.5.

Despite what people may say, Medtronic changed my life. Now that I am on the Paradigm, I have had great A1Cs and have been feeling 100 times better. Thanks to the new Real Time System, I cant say enough good things about Minimed. Anyone who doesnt have it, needs it right now. It has taken all the work out of caring for myself, and I love it to death. Hopefully, in the future, I wont even have to think about my diabetes and still have good control!

Nice to meet you all, let me know if you have any questions:

Thanks for the reply on my post about help with the pump. I have actually contacted MiniMed and they are going to help me fight Medicare to try to get me the insulin pump. They contacted me yesterday and said that an insurance rep should be contacting me for more information and letting me know what else Medicare needs to know to get me on it. They also told me they would contact all my doctor’s on my behalf for statements saying my complications I have are diabetic related in case if an appeal is needed. And welcome to the site, great group here.

No problem!

Good luck with the process! I hope it goes well!

Hi and welcome to the club.I am glad that you finally found a good pump.I hope you continue to have success.

Hello, nice to meet you! So, you are enjoying the CGMS? I am currently trying to get my insurance to pay for CGMS. It’s been a pain, but I am hoping for good news. I have hypo unawareness most of the time, so I have to check 10 to 12 times per day to be sure I am not too low (or high). I guess that’s what happens after 22 years of diabetes! LOL
I too went through a time when my A1c was really high (12.1) and have since taken control of myself and my diabetes. I figure that I want to live to be an old, old lady!
Welcome to the site. I hope you enjou it!

Cara, I posted instructions on your page. Let me know if you have any other questions!