Been "out"

I’m still trying to figure out this “social networking” stuff. I’m “technologically challenged” as you can see. Please bear with me.
The past few months have been chaotic both personally and professionally. My “diabetes management routine” kind of “went to pot.” I’ve been controlling my blood sugars through insulin, diet, and exercise—had been doing wonderfully with this. Then, BAM, got sick (cold) the day before Thanksgiving and this cold STAYED. I had to stop my workouts—had “cough-your-lungs-out type” coughing fits at one point for four nights straight. Went to my physician, was prescribed antibiotics (“don’t want to you to get worse”), got somewhat better, but this cold lingered for a few more weeks. Then, just when I thought I could resume my exercise routine, I managed to pull something (i.e., muscle/tendon?) in my foot, which put me out for another few weeks, although I could still walk (i.e., limp around). My BG has been a bit high, but I’ve resumed my exercise routine over the past two weeks. I have an appointment with my endocrinologist later this week, so we’ll see where I’m at with my lab results.