Sorry I've been away so long!

Happy Spring regardless of how much snow you do or do not have!! Here in Boston it’s S-L-O-W-L-Y melting away!! I’m tired of winter as many Bostonians are. (Except for Briley who is one Badass chick on skis!!! She writes the blog, InDpendance. Check it out if you get a minute! She’s AWESOME!!!!)

I’ve been away from my blog for way too long. I’ve had a rough couple of months healthwise, including watching my blood sugars go crazily out of control in response to being “regular” sick. I learned some interesting things about how nondiabetes related illness and surgery affects my blood glucose. I even took a pump vacation because I was having trouble keeping up with my glucoaster and thought that maybe a trial of MDI would be more successful at getting my BG’s back in range. This vacation only lasted two days because it didn’t help at all. I think it just made things more difficult. I was out of my usual routine, so I was not in my usual comfort zone in managing my BG’s. I quickly learned that I needed to take this a day at a time or even an hour at a time and just increase how much I checked my blood sugars.

I had developed osteomyelitis in my hip that I had had replaced three years ago due to arthritis. The infection had my BG sitting around 400 to 500 on most days & it was like the insulin I was infusing was water. I also had to have my hip re-replaced and the infection cleaned out. So, this messed with my BG’s as well. I felt like I was in a 24/7 math class with all of the tweaking I was doing to my pump settings and the additional carbs I had to count.

I’m almost at the 3 month mark after my surgery and I’m still not back to my usual pump settings. I’m using twice the amount of insulin per day than I used to which has me freaked out a tad. I had thought that at this point I’d be back to my usual settings but that is proving not to be the case. I’m even still running higher than normal even with my increased activity due to the physical therapy I’m still doing. To say this has been a rough period of time is an understatement!

I’m happy to say that I’m feeling much better and I’m getting stronger every day. Patience is not my strongest quality but I’m slowly learning I have to have patience and let my body heal & do it’s thing.

How does your blood sugar respond to “regular” as opposed to diabetes caused illness?

As always, CHECK!! DON”T GUESS!!

So sorry you,ve been sick but things will get better slowly
Be patient & we,re all here for you
Hugs & good healing