Been to a Chiropractor lately?

Hi all, I have been having a lot of lower back pains lately so I went and was checked out by a local chiroprator. I crashed my dirt bike about a year and a half ago and seperated my right shoulder, although it hurt a lot then no other physical troubles from it til now with lower back pain. Two month after I seperated my shoulder i was diag as T1. The chiroprator knows im a T1 and found it very interesting that shortly after i seperated my should i was diag because from the accident i jacked my spine up and now is in need of some serious adjustments(i saw the exrays, i was surprised that my spine looked the way it did) and your spine is like the gateway for all communication in your body. He didnt say that fixing my spine would "cure" my T1 but he did find it all interesting that the middle of my spine is out of wack which is were the communication is for your pancreas.

Anyone been to a chiroprator and they say anything to you about this or something along those lines??

Also I come from a family with no history of T1 and I am 25 and just out of the blue found myself in the hospital in DKA, just throwing that out there

There is a bunch of threads youll find here about traumatic experiences in the recent months prior to DX. Its kind of like your system is shocked or weakened then D moves in. Im the same with no family history and had the worst flu of my life 2 months before DX.

I went to a chiropractor as a teen post DX, although Im aware of the highway that our spines are, there was no correlation to my DX, nor mention.

I go to a chiropractor & he’s never said anything similar.

Chances are you could have been diabetic some time before your accident. Know we’re always looking for answers to the “why.”

No diabetes in my family history either & I was diagnosed at 53. Like you, I was DKA.

Hope your back is feeling better.

I do know that tendons can be more tender with high BG’s and are effected by them.

I have been battling a sore shoulder for about 3 months and the only relief I get is from my chiropractor and his adjustments.

Had the same with a pop in it. recently figured out it was frozen shoulder and goes away after a while.

I’m not trying to be offensive here, but I’ve not been to a chiropractor since I consider them to be pseudo-doctors practicing a pseudo-science. If you want to see a good sceptical view of their work, you might want to check out this PBS link: LINK HERE.

Of course if you find it makes you feel better and you’re willing to pay for it, then go for it. YMMV.

p.s. Many type 1 diabetics have no previous family history. The genetic component of T1 is not that strong. I am the first in my family also.

No offense taken Jag. Frankly some of them are quacks and dont deserve to hang a shingle out there claiming to cure everything and chasing accident victims. Good ones though can help and know their limitations and dont string you out… I just like to use them before I go the pain medication/ and surgery route.

Your link is broken. I think every Doctor I see is a pseudo doctor and I havent been to a chiropractor in years.

I have a few vertebral compression fractures from cliff jumping and find more relief through a basketball than I ever did with a Dr. I roll my back and ribs on it to pop joints/muscles and loosen up. Stretching and or Yoga is great for all kinds of injuries, improves circulation and does a body good. Anyways try a basketball.

If your Chiro siad this to you, he’s a quack - RUN, don’t walk, and find a legitimate doctor who can properly diagnose whatever is ‘wrong’ with your back… odds are good that if you actually have some kind of medical cause for your back pain, this doctor is not going to properly diagnose it or treat it.

Autoimmune diseases have NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR SPINE!!! The fact that he’s making those suggestive comments and allowing you to “make the connections” - YIKES!

Sorry, my link was broken. Try this link, and click on the third video down (“Adjusting the Joints”): LINK HERE

Thanks, I added a working link below.

If separating shoulders had something to do with getting T1 diabetes I’m sure we would have heard about it. It’s called “coincidence” Like someone said, you probably had it before you dislocated your shoulder. They have nothing to do with each other.

Tai Chi is good too for sore backs and injury.

Good old yoga works well too.

Beyond soft tissue matters be VERY, VERY CAREFUL what you let them “improve” or supposedly effect.
There are good, knowledgable chiropractors who understand their limitations, their abilities and there are definate frauds.

Be very careful. “Spine communication” is definate fraud… An oxygen problem will have tangible physical symptoms for example. But the spine indicating panceas health/condition… FRAUD.


Thanks for the injection of sanity. The chiropractic business is complete quackery, designed for the primary purpose of separating you (or your insurance company) from your money.

Stay healthy, stay limber, use, and don’t abuse your body and you’ll be fine.

Find this somewhat interesting. A coworker goes to the chiropractor regularly though there is nothing wrong wth her back and explained to me that they believe each area of the spine is related to certain parts of your body, organs, etc. She believes, and I’m sure she did not get this idea on her own, but from the chiropractor that adjusting the spine can cure or help to cure any ailment, i.e., heart disease, and can help Type 1 diabetes. The most you would be able to convince me of is that getting your spine adjusted may help blood sugar control; they certainly can’t cure Type 1. However, I told her that a simpler way to lower blood sugar or reduce your insulin needs would be through exercise,which is proven. And it would be a less expensive way than going for an adjustment every week.

Hello Jan:

Among my personal favorites are the

“muscle testing”; bait and switch games
"power of suggestion" games;

Hold “X” in your hand, I will ~test~ and see if it (sic holding the bottle) makes your arm stronger, if you “need it”, I will then sell you 5 bottles over the next 6 months…

Extend your arms to 90 degrees from your body; I will pull on your arm at the fingers/palm to determine if you need more “adjustments”. All kinds of fraud passing as pseudo-science.


It’s truly a shame that the chiropractic schools try to teach these people that they can cure anything with spinal manipulation. I, myself, have had truly excellent results from chiropractic, but mostly for back pain, In fact, I go once a month, which is helping me function despite worsening arthritis in my lower back. She’s also helped me with shoulder and knee pain. It’s not a cure, but it’s a big help. Having said that, I would limp just as fast as I could in the other direction if a chiropractor told me he/she could cure my diabetes, or cancer, etc., with spinal manipulation.

As many on here have said, chiropractors who know their limitations can be a great help; those who don’t know their limitations can be dangerous.