Beginning Signs of Retinopathy

Hi everyone. A couple of years ago my eye doctor said I had very slight beginning signs of retinopathy, but could still be reversed. Since then I have had no further problems. Is it true that this can just go away since it’s barely there? It really gives me hope, but I am so scared at the same time.
When I think about it I feel so sick.
I just started the pump, hoping the get my diabetes in better control so this doesn’t get any worse.
Any words of encouragement or advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Yes it can. It is different with everyone. Peoples genes play a huge role in this. But from what I have learned, Background retinopathy can be managed and slowed with tight control. The biggest mistake people make is not going to ther eye Dr. Keep your appointments and keep the A1c in good control. Not just the A1c, but don't let your blood sugars spike, it is the wide arcs in BG that hurt the eyes. More consistent blood sugars are the best defense.

i did not start testing until 1985-86 on my own.did not know anything about how to prevent retinopathy with low bg since i was not testing.lucky i'm ok.genes have a lot to do with it too,probably.eating healthy which i did.what drives me NUTS is irregular keeps me from going out because i never know when i need to go to the bathroom( sometimes--some days).thanks to the computer i don't feel lonely.

Hi Shoshana. What is irregular peristalsis, and does it mean random diarrhea? Is it related to diabetes? (I get that too, sometimes - thought it was a menopause thing?) -Thanks!