what r the causes of agreesive behavior when my suger is above 250

High blood sugar can be caused by so many of them is stress. And increased stress, increased blood sugar …MAY lead to difficulty in concentrating, blurred vision, fatigue and headaches which may lead to further your frustration and anger or increase your irritability…
Try to relax…take deep breaths. If you are in a confined room…maybe you can go outside for awhile and get some fresh air. Drink a glass of water. Talk to a friend or family who understands…
Works for me …hope it helps you =)

thanks i will follow ur instruction

Here’s my pop-psych equations for why high blood sugar = aggressive behavior

High blood sugar=feeling crappy=concentrating on feeling crappy=not caring about anything except how crappy you feel=impatience with anything other than how crappy you feel=short fuse=aggression.

Teena’s advice is excellent - get away from the situation and try some relaxation techniques. But don’t forget to also take care of that high BG!!

The aggression I feel with high blood sugar is the kind that makes me REACT aggressively to other people. If you mean the kind of aggression that makes you want to instigate a confrontation or attack people randomly, there may be a deeper problem that should be addressed by a professional.