Being poor, diabetic and uninsured

My father owes a TON of money for bills at the moment and can’t afford to get my strips that I need. He wants me to try to cut back a tiny bit with the testing but I don’t want to take any chances when I’m working outside. He’s going to order them off of that HealthWarehouse site for $26, but I’m worried that they’re not going to get here in time. I have 31 strips left at the moment and use 10-20 strips on workdays, so we’re really cutting it close, and I can’t wait forever for Medicaid to start. In order to get the strips I need locally, I’d need about $50 to $60, which is unattainable at this point. Is there anyone else on here with a similar situation?

P.S. I use the Accu-Chek Aviva Meter (forgot to say)

What type of test strips do you use? Manny is giving away One Touch Ultra Strips…I have an extra meter of that type…I could send it to you and you could maybe get the strips from Manny as well…Please respond and let me know. I would overnight it to you as well.


I have a box of 100 un opened Accu-check Aviva strips I can send u Ken.
Never said what meter u use.

call the hospital and ask for the number of the local diabetes educator, they should be able to supply you with something while you wait. DO IT

True, I did that when my Cozmonitor fail. They gave me a new meter with like 5 box of 10s = 50 strips

And yes tell us what meter you use, may be we can help?

Good luck

This isn’t the best advice…but I’ve gone through a similar problem and this could help a little.

Sign up for free meters. Ever free meter ad you come across, put in your name and address. I have 5 One touch ultra minis and each one came with 10 strips.

You do need to find multiple mailing addresses for that, but it worked for me.

I love One Touch, and I wouldn’t want to “steal” from them…but sometimes you have to be a little sneaky.

i love them to but he needs strips now!

Did the manny thing work are did they go to quickly.
Also has donations and a program to get free strips (haven’t tried it yet).
Seriously look into the diabetic educator thing. I found it’s not good for strips on demand, but for just in cases in stead

Try the meter that wal-mart has it is reli-on it is $9.00 and for 50 test strips it is 20.00. The meter works great I just picked one up on Friday and I got the advice from someone here… Good Luck.

I have Freestyle test strips, can share with you a 100 strip box! Please keep us informed if you solved the situation. We are all caring and love to help each other

You might also check ebay for strips… depending on the brand/meter you may be able to find strips as low as $30 for 100.

they have a new meter called the micro, or glucocard (advertised here). I think it’s 21. I LOVE MY KEYNOTE cough gives you free stuff, but it takes FOREVER to get the stuff. I have yet to receive my meter in the last month or so. Hmmmph

Yeah, I signed up with them more than a month ago… earned tons of points, ordered everything I was interested in, and I have gotten NOTHING so far… I feel like it was just a huge waste of time.

i got the vita water… i don’t think i like it :frowning: Vitamin Water and Sobe Life water taste better

I didn’t like the Vita water either. It was yucky!

Go online and go to the strip manufacturers websites. They all offer patient assistance programs based on need and will send you free strips if you go through the application process. This won’t fix your immediate need but will it will kick in usually within 30 days so you won’t have to worry about this next month.

hi! same situation like you… i also had my last BG check last year and i also don’t know my AC1 since February 2008…
i had my BG meter but it has no test trips because they are so expensive here in Philippines and was just stock at home. my mom is a housewife and my dad is a tricycle driver here in town since we really can not afford diabetic supplies. just my brother who is working in a tire company who buys my humulin N every month. i want to get pregnant but i am so afraid of the expenses that will occur with my situation. i am also finding a charity that can help me now even in exchange of working in any store and company for life just to have a baby someday…

I don’t have a similar situation. But I’m wondering how much profit blood glucose monitoring system companies make on their test strips. I’d like to see reuseable test strips–that is, just rinse out a used strip to reuse it again multiple times. Anyone else ever taken test strips apart to see how they work? How do they work?

I hope you get that opportunity. You shouldn’t have to miss out on ANYTHING because of diabetes.