I received a free meter from a clinic that treats me free thank God being that i am unemployed. now I cant afford to get new test strips for my machine. the clinic cant get them either

What can I do does anyone know I really need to test twice a day but cant now

Contact Lahle @ iPump.org. They are a nonprofit that focuses on getting diabetes supplies to persons who cannot afford them.

Hope this helps.

Thank you God bless you and all the other wonderful people whom help me during my bery trying time, I know you have helped many people and will be blessed for this.

hey, theresa. Accu chek has been very generous with me. They sent me an Aviva with 60 strips and a compact plus with 34 strips. All free. Their customer care phone number is 800-858-8072. This isn’t a great help, but it will ease the problem, and give you more options.

also, You can contact Abbot on the internet. they have good meters for free, but they only send 10 strips with them.

BTW, I REALLY like the compact plus.

The other people on this site probably know other ways to ease the burden. I’m on on insulin for a few months and meds for only 18 months, so I’m still only a newby.

Let us know what solutions you come up with. It may help someone else, and if I can be of further assistance, please let me know.
danny weems

Thank you for all the great information. I have been looking for help with my supplies. God Bless!

One time I was hurting for cash and out of supplies for my pump. I called the closest diabetes clinic and they had some supplies that somebody had given them. They were glad to pass them on to me. I don’t know if you have such a facility in your area. Just wanted to share.
Take care

THANKS I appreciate all the info

Thank you Ill call I just noticed this reply