Diabetes 101

Hi Christine! Unfortunately I don’t have any of those strips.

Did you check if there was any insurance on the UPS package? They would then need to pay you for the lost package and you might use that money to buy new strips.

You could also go to a diabetes clinic and see if they can provide a free meter and strips.

Would it be useful to call Accu-Chek and find out , if they are willing to help you out ??? Be well .

Sorry I have two types of strips but none for the Aviva. But check the local pharmacy. Sometimes they have a free meter offer, and normally they come with a box of strips. Just a thought.


that’s a really good idea

Thanks for the tips! That is true, Dave; I just thought that it’s easier to get strips rather than strips + meter, but anything anyone can do to help would be great.
I also already called Accu Chek, and they only send a complimentary pack of 50 once a year, which we’re having sent my home address next week


I have at least 200 strips you can have. I stopped using the Aviva in January when I got my Omnipod. I’ve actually been looking for someone who could use them. They’re at the house and I’m at work, but I will drop them in tomorrow’s UPS.


diabetes educator should be able to hook you up, heck maybe even a endo
why do people forget about diabetes educators? Ask your local hospital where the nearest one is
i find it always help to have one of each meters. So far i got wavesense, one touch and a true track.

I have an Aviva meter that I used to use before I switched and just checked for any leftover strips but it seems I’ve used them all. I’ll look through the usual spots where my wife hides things (like my supplies) and if I find any I’ll send them. You could also have your mother ask the pharmacy if they can help out. I have a very good relationship with my local Rite Aid and they are always doing favors for me like that. Sometimes I’ll go for an insulin refill having forgotten the Rx has expired already and they will fill it “under the table” with my promise that I will get it renewed immediately and then come back and pay for the insulin and give them the new Rx. They have done me similar favors with test strips, syringes and pen needles. Maybe if your mother talks with the pharmacy they can do her a similar favor and then when you can fill the Rx again those strips count as a refill. Just a thought.

I have had the same experience with my pharmacy. I’ve been in a bind a few times where I’ll run out of insulin two days prior to my insurance’s allowance to refill it. So, the pharm will refill it for me, and I’d come back two days later to pay for it along with my insurance co-pay. It works out to go to the same pharm every few weeks. They really get used to seeing your face!

Sadly, even when they know your face some still aren’t willing to help. I have been able to do the same as Pavlos and Marps other places, but the pharmacy I use now won’t. I tried the other pharmacy in town built the relationship and everything and no deal there either. Maybe its the state I live in. Law abiding citizens ■■■■ me off sometimes.

But it is still worth a try!

I’ve had something like this happen with my insulin once or twice - I just had my doc call in the rx to my local pharmacy. Of course they told me my insurance wouldn’t pay, so I asked them to call my insurance company to ask for an override because it wasn’t my fault that the shipment had been delayed - and they did it. They won’t do it often, but now & then is usually fine because they realize accidents happen and the delay wasn’t your fault.

However, since test strips don’t usually require a prescription in order to buy them, you should be able to purchase them at any pharmacy - the prescription is there just for insurance to cover some of the cost. Its possible this varies state to state or maybe even from pharmacy to pharmacy, but in my numerous experiences (over a span of 18 years) I’ve had no trouble doing this.

Way to go, Tony…diabetes hero of the week!!

I was kind of wondering about that as well, Carrie. I know at least in California you can just walk in and buy test strips.

Test strips are a non-prescription item (otherwise this type of exchange would not be permitted), but many insurance companies require a prescription in order for them to pay for the strips.

You should call Roche (AccuChek people) and explain. I KNOW they will send you some strips and maybe even a new meter if you don’t have a backup. They have been sending me new meters for a few years now. Every time something goes wrong, I get one. When they learned that I didn’t have a backup, they sent me a brand new, not released at that moment meter!!!

I would send you my extra meter and lots of drums for it, but I am in the hospital (since June 15) and headed toward rehab on Saturday for a couple of weeks/months???

They’re wonderful!!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Yup. I checked before I posted.

I wanted an accucheck lancet so my CDE had to give me a full system of the Aviva. I have 10 strips and a free meter (minus the lancet) if you want it. I am actually on my way to NYC to visit a friend for the weekend tomorrow morning so I’m totally willing to meet up w/ you if you want. I’m throwing the meter in my bag right now. Please send me an email jackielegrand@gmail.com if you want them.

You should be able to get test strips OTC at a pharnmacy and to my knowledge only need a prescription for insurance purposes. I know Wal-Mart (at least where I live in small town USA) has them in a case that you can access even if the pharmacy is closed. I realize this cost money which you may not have but you could buy 25 strips…Also for the cost of 25 name brand strips you can get a cheap Reli-on meter with 25 strips… I had to do this once when I needed strips but it hadn’t been 30 days for insurance yet. Now that I have the cheap meter I can get 50 strips for the same price as 25 name brand strips. Glad Tony was able to help you out though!!

Christine -
I actually had 3 unopened boxes of 100. They’re good until Feb. 2010. I just sent them out to you UPS Blue which, with the weekend, means you’ll get them on Tuesday. PLEASE let me know if they do not show up on Tuesday. I have the tracking # on my desk. Cheers, Tony