Belly button piercing

hoping to find ladies who have gotten their navels pierced while dx’d with diabetes!
i am a t1 diabetic and hoping to grasp the idea of the healing process while being diabetic.

did you do anything else besides what the piercer suggested you do?

did your blood sugars play a role with the overall healing process?

thanks in advance ladies!

Thanks for posting this Denise. This is something that I was curious about also. I got my belly button pierced when I was 15 (before being diagnosed) and healing process was a pain. I ended up taking it out because I kept losing all of the ball things that screw onto the top. It’s been a couple years since taking it out, and I am still left with that stupid hole. I’m afraid to get it repierced because it was hard enough healing while i wasnt diabetic.

the belly button is the hardest piercing to heal diabetes or not. I have had over 12 different ones and 13 years later my naval still isn’t “healed” where as my nose healed in like two days. I’ve only gotten a tattoo since diagnosis and as long as you follow the instructions you shouldn’t have any problems. Just remember, as your bs go up so does the risk of infection. Good luck and hope this helps! Oh and try this stuff they sell in the shop it’s called H2Ocean. It’s great stuff to help heal piercings and tattoos.


Hi! I had my belly button pierced for a long time now but I can’t remember what I had to go through. Now they have a product called H20cean for cleasing and healing sea salt solutin and you can get it at ms piercing website site. I hope this helps you!

One thing I forgot to tell you… before you put the ball on the jewelry use fingernail polish on the end of the jewelry so the ball will not come off when you are wearing clothes! I was a diabetic when I got my belly button pierced, since then I have my tongue pierced and my nipples pirced too! Just remember to use H2Ocean solution! that stuff work awesome!

Out of all my piercings the belly button piercing was one that I had the most trouble with. I do not have it done right now but I have scar tissue from previous belly button piercing. I tried it on the top and on the bottom. Now my other piercings are doing fine.

H2Ocean is the best. I have my eyebrow, an industrial, and both my nipples pierced, but do not have my belly button pierced and have been a little worried about getting it redone. It seemed like it rejected the piercing.

I have had my belly button pierced 3 times and all 3 three was horrible. The very last one I thought was going to work but sure enough my body rejected it to. The ring started coming right through my skin. So now I have a scar and no ring. Plus when you have a ring you get the darn thing hung up on things all the time anyways. They are so annoying. LOL

That’s exactly what happened with mine. My body rejected it. If anyone knows a way that would make it so my skin wouldn’t reject it. I don’t know if its the type of metal or what it is. Anyone have any ideas?

Hey, I’ve gotten my belly button pierced after beig diagnosed. Its nothing major jst follow the regular guidelines that they tell u. And its true with or w/o diabetes a belly button piercing takes longer to heal. Just clean it on a regular bases. Oh yeah when getting it done never look down. LOL!! Oh yeah if u have sensitive skin go and by your own belly ring that won’t irritate your skin. They do have sterling silver and real gold belly rings. Might be more expensive but safer. Oh and be careful taking it out cause it can close up on u in minutes even with people without diabetes.

You can also by seasalt at most grocery store instead paying high dollar for the H2O product all you do is mix some seasalt with warm to hot water lie on back and put in navel for a few min. a day and make sure to rotate peircing.

I have had my navel and both nipples pierced. I am a type 1 diabetic, and it was hard. I eventually ended up taking the piercings out because they just wouldn’t heal. The navel piercing still bled after a year. The nipple piercings healed for the most part, but I had to watch because every time they got infected (and yes I cleaned them regularly) it messed with my BG. I just got tired of dealing with them, but to each her own. If your BGs are good, then carb up a little before you get any body work done (if you don’t you may drop and pass out), and it does have some effect on the healing process, but as long as you take care of yourself any work, be it tattoos or piercings, should be fine.

you could try the plastic rings. pierce with steel, and they now make bio-friendly plastic, with longer lengths so that you aren’t irritating the area.