I have type one diabetes and i want a piercing.
do you have one? & how in control were your bloodsugars when you got it?


i’ve gotten tattoos and piercings with out of control blood sugars, which i don’t recommend i just got lucky. Just watch your blood sugar during the whole process and do aftercare process. Don’t keep anything in if it gets infected.

ohhh. did the healing process take longer? ;0

I have snakebites (snakes), tongue, upper right eyebrow, and over the years, so many ear piercings I cant even remember them all. I will say my industrial was a pain in the a$$ to heal though. See my prifle pic to see my snakebites. I was at a 7 A1C or right in that range. Not perfect, but Ive had them for a while and no complications. I say go for it (flame if you will people)

Oh and I have 2 half arm sleeves, and a full leg as well…tatts

It can…but if your in decent control you should be able to maintain the same timelines for healing. i always did anyways

Also bmemagazine.com is an excellent piercing resource. Photos, supplies, etc…Its the piercing brother of what Tu is to the D community. check it out. I think you’ll dig it…(if you didnt already know about it)


Honestly I didn’t notice if it did are not, since most if the ones I’ve kept and have been good are after I was diagnosed. Just take care of it and baby it.

thank you so much! very helpful.
i want to get my monroe done, i’m hoping my a1c will be in the 9 range
when i get it done. ;]

I’ve got piercings (eyebrow,belly button) and you can get them but like others mentioned try to do it when you have your sugars in good control since healing can take longer with the diabetes.I have also found that piercers and tattoo artists like to know if you are a diabetic or not.Some people are not comfortable doing them on a diabetic since they don’t know your medical history and don’t want to cause harm. ( I have a lot of friends who are tattoo artists/piercers).I have never had someone tell me they wont do it though they just usually go into more depth about keeping it clean ,etc to avoid infection.The Association of Professional Piercers also recommends avoiding caffeine for 24 hours prior to a piercing or tattoo. Getting one can cause an adrenaline rush and combined with caffeine can make you sick.I have witnessed this. Also don’t use sticky creams like neosporin. The gooey consistency can actually collect bacteria, and doesn’t really allow the skin to breath which may also lead to infection.Salt water and bactine seem to work really well. Don’t be surprised if your blood sugar spikes a bit afterward as well due to the adrenaline rush your system gets.Lastly make sure you see the piercer remove everything from sterile wrapping and wears gloves.

I’ve had my ears, septum, double tragus (both ears), and nips done. The nips gave me a rough time (but they were deep piercings) infected for over a year! Finally had them stretched and they healed nicely (now at a 4 gauge). And I would be good and bad with my BG, mostly bad.

And neosporin! Salt water like she said is a must, I like this stuff

Yeah Black Cat is good stuff. Ive used it more than a few times.

For my snakes I used plain salt water soaks (15% sea salt 85% water) mixed to solution, and soaked it. I had to use a big bowl, as the lips are tricky to soak. In the shower I used liquid Dial antibacterial (the yellow stuff that smells like hospitals) and washed them real good while rotating the posts. That worked wonders. The sea salt soaks brought the “crud” that builds up out to the surface, and the Dial kills it all off.

Also there is a product that is really good for tongue and inner lip piercings called Glyoxide. It acts like hydrogen peroxide in the fact that it bubbles and is sanitary, but it doesn’t kill off healthy cells (like the ones your body is trying to form to heal the new hole you punched in it. Its called the Fistula. Peroxide kills the fistula off and prolongs healing.) Glyoxide doesn’t do this. They sell it at Wal-Mart and Walgreens.

Also Rye, I would try your best to get your A1C down. I ain’t one to preach, as I’ve had them in the 9-10 range more than a few times, but anything you can do to help your body out will make the whole process easier. WE EXPECT PICS TOO!!!

And I dress like a computer nerd to throw off the haters lol

thanks man. :smiley:
getting all this information is making me so excited!
i will definitely put up pictures!

hey, i have type 1 diabetes and have piercings and tattoos… everything was fine when i got them done no infections and my blood sugar was at its normal range

i have 3 holes in each ear and a nosering. it didnt really affect my blood sugars at all, but that could just be me. :slight_smile:

Da nada senorita!

ive gotten my tongue pierced and gauged to 10g, my ears are 9/16", my nipple was pierced and my septum and both eyebrows and have about 10 tattoos… ive never dealt with any high sugar levels when ive got them… atleast not that i know of! my sugar levels kinda outta control…`

I’ll be honest, nipples make me cringe a bit. Them boys are sensitive!!!