Can diabetics can get piercings??

I think so. If your BG is ok, I don't think there's any problems, although there's always a small %age chance you might get an infection that could perhaps be worse w/ diabetes, i think the chance is pretty minimal...

I don't see why not as long as you do take special precaution. Diabetics notoriously can be slow healers. That, along with complications like neuropathy, can lead to nasty infections.

The better your BG control, the less you have to worry about things like that, but I would still stay hypervigilent and look to nip things in he bud before they can get bad. I teach high school and have seen some unbelievably bad infections due to piercings, etc. It's not common, but it's not exactly rare either.

I've had diabetes for 37 years, and I seem to heal as fast any anyone else. Ditto to what the others have said; be vigilant, and see a doctor if there is any sign of infection. If you control is reasonably good, go for it.

In millions of years the skin has developed countless strategies for best protection and mankind has nothing better to do than piercing these development efforts to hell. Truly a sign of ignorance and self neglectance to me.

So no, I would not recommend to get a piercing. If you are still determined to do so then please bring your A1c at least below 6.5. If you can manage to get there then the piercing would indeed bring health benefits that compensate greatly for the risks of additional infections. Seen from this perspective a piercing could be the best decision of your life.

In millions of years the skin has developed countless strategies for best protection and mankind has nothing better to do than piercing these development efforts to hell. Truly a sign of ignorance and self neglectance to me.

LOL! That's a mouthful Holger. Obviously, you haven't had a piercing...yet.

Everybody and everybody's dog has been getting piercings everywhere the last many years. Yes, PWD can have piercings, as long as you do your best to look after them and your blood sugars as mentioned.

My Sister decided that I should get my hair dyed blond and my ears pierced when I was visiting her in Toronto during my Sweet Sixteen year. I'd like to say that Mom didn't notice when I came home BUT I find that hard to believe. :D

The year I got my ears pierced my sugars were not nearly under control and I wasn't overly responsible about looking after my piercings, so I did end up with a couple infections. As time went on, I learned how to look after them properly and my blood sugars were increasingly getting better as I picked up more info here and there through the years.

I still wear pierced earrings when I feel like it and haven't had an infection from it in a very long time. I also heal just as a non-Diabetic would.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

I've two piercings in each ear and got them after I found out I had t2. Never had infections problems.

For me earrings are not in the piercing category. With piercing I associate something more drastic: nipples, tong, mouth, navel, belly or face in general. But perhaps I have got that wrong.

That's interesting. I had not considered pierced ears not to be as a piercing, Holger. I looked it up just in case(you never know) and earrings are definitely considered in the piercing category. It's even given as an example.

Another suggestion vrestrepos: If you decide to get piercings, Do not buy cheap ear(rings) unless your piercings are healed and even then perhaps not. Some People are more sensitive than others. YMMV!

earings in the cartilage are considered piercings.

Yes, diabetics can get piercings. In fact, we can do just about anything :)

As long as your bgs are within a good range the majority of the time and you follow aftercare instructions, you should be absolutely fine. I’ve had several piercings before being diagnosed and a couple piercings and a tattoo after diagnosis and did not see any significant difference in healing. Although, it should be noted that I don’t notice a difference in things such as cuts and scrapes taking longer to heal since diagnosis either. I suppose taking note of how efficiently your body heals in general would be a better indicator of how you might do with a piercing.

This is an interesting inter cultural communication problem. We Germans like to adopt foreign words into our language. However the word piercing is not used for banal things like earrings. In Germany a piercing is used for the unusual application of things to your body. My apology for this misinterpretation. I definitely like earrings on women and have no objections diabetes wise.

I don't think the German adaptation is that far off, Holger. While ears technically are

piercings, we tend to say "pierced ears" but "having or getting a piercing" for other body parts.

In the U.S. pierced ears started to become popular in the late 60s, though they were still considered a tad exotic then, and "piercings" more recently - not sure exactly, 70s for certain subcultures, maybe as late as 90s for more common use?

But piercings (of various body parts) have been popular forms of self beautification in tribal cultures around the world for a very long time. I wow my students with pictures of various styles of dress and self-adornment to give them an idea of the widely varying concepts of beauty around the world. Piercings, especially of more "exotic" body parts may not be ones cup of tea, but "ignorance and self neglect" is a tad judgmental.

But all that aside, it's a great topic for how we as PWD's take care of us, right along with tattoos (another matter of taste), and more mundane topics like footcare and footwear.

Interesting. How about this little tidbit - Mummified bodies with pierced ears have been discovered. The oldest mummified body discovered had an ear piercing - 5,300 year-old Ötzi the Iceman. He was found in a glacier in Austria.

Good one, Karen. The question is, did the Iceman have one ear pierced or two?

Not sure. I thought just one, but who knows for reals. The more interesting details I found for this mummy are the tattoos they found on him. Fascinating discovery!!

Ok so I have a clotting disorder that I have had since forever and have been dx as type 1 D for a little more than a year. I also have a tragus piercing and recently (within the last year) gotten an industrial done. In my experience, as long as you take care to clean your piercings regularly but not too often (your body will tell you ie it will become irritated/sore) you will be fine. Even if it takes a little longer to fully heal. Personally I did not fair well with the h2ocean they sell at the piercing place as far as maintaining my piercing and found that natural sea salt (NO IODINE OR TABLE SAlT) mixed in warm water was sufficient as a disinfectant and used regular soap (without dye like dial) to clean.

I should note that with my tragus I didn’t properly care for it and it took much longer to heal than it should have, but I eventually stopped being lazy and got it under control and thankfully didn’t have to take it out or go to a doctor. I was also lucky I did not suffer a severe infection before I stopped being lazy.

I have tons of tattoos and cartilage piercings and have never noticed an increase in my BG while healing. Just clean everything and avoid infection