Belly button ring?

Hey I’m a type-oner and I am considering getting my belly button pierced. I have my ears double pierced and there were absolutely no complications. I know that it takes longer to heal and fight off infections being diabetic, and I am wondering if anyone has any advice on this?

I have not had my belly button pierced, but have had several other types of piercings in the past. I didn’t have a problem with infections, was just careful to keep the area clean and use the special soap. The only one that took longer to heal was the helix part of my ear but I think that’s the nature of that site. Soft tissue wasn’t as much of a problem, but the belly button does go through a good bit of tissue so I can’t answer your question 100%.

Belly button piercing is more prone to infection than other areas for anyone, but you should be fine by keeping the pierced site clean & dry.

Here’s what I say to my kids:

Ask your mother.


My advise is to keep your glucose levels stable and in good range at the time of the piercing and as level as you can until the piercing heals. I’ve had my navel done twice, my tongue pierced and multiple tattoos. Never had an issue with healing. Just keep an eye on your glucose levels. If it starts getting infected, you’ll notice higher BG levels.

Well I had my lip pierced and for me I didn’t get any infections but it seemed like it took forever to heal. I eventually gave up and took it out. and it still took forever to close up! lol maybe it just me or maybe diabetes I have no clue.