Bent needle went bad?

So I use sure T’s and bent needles except for comforts in my legs. I never have had a needle site go bad just poor absorption. I wake this morning not feeling right see my CGM is alarming and check ketones. Yucky large ones my BG is 335. I am very confused. The bent needle hurt a bit but how is it possible that I was not getting any insulin?.
I took a shot, drank some watered down propell, put some salt in my mouth,grabbed some string cheese and changed my site. In an hour the ketones were medium and now they are gone. Is there any explanation that anyone can think of? My insulin is good because I am now at 156 BG and no ketones. My set target is 140 so I am close enough there are other medical reasons for that target. Anyway your wisdom is welcome.

Be well and be loved