Best CGM?

Hi everyone
I am looking into getting a Cgm, I’d like to know what people think is the best one. The issues for me is that I need to be able to see my blood sugars real time, so on a little monitor or something, I also need one that lasts pretty well. As I will be getting it in the UK and will have to self fund the Cgm.

I love my Dexcom 7+ and the sensors are rated for 7 days. I usually get about 2.5 weeks out of each sensor. That will help keep the cost down somewhat. The readings are generally within 10 - 15 points of my meter and it updates every 5 minutes. The receiver isn't small (about 11cm long and 5.5cm wide) but it fits in my pocket just fine. I've had mine for 26 months now and it's still running fine.

I also love my Dexcom. Keep in mind that the readings it shows are 10-15 min behind a FS, so it's not for use in making treatment decisions. It usually takes a day or so for a new sensor to be accurate for me. I can usually get them to alst 2.5-3 weeks also. Painless insertion, painless to wear. I've had mine replaced once for a malfunction with no problem.

Hi Rebecca, do you wear a pump too? Or is the meter and pump one device?

I wear the Omnipod Insulin pump and a Dexcom Sensor / receiver. They keep promising to integrate but I think it's still at least a year out. so right now I'm wearing both.

I've used both Navigator and Dexcom, currently using Dex because Nav is no longer available in the US. For me Nav is hands down much better and more accurate, longer extended sensor life which saves money if you have to self pay. The Nav transmitter is bigger and the sensor insertion is a little more tricky and that's the only part of the Dex that is better. The Dex alarms are a joke! I had to get a $100 baby monitor in order to get the Dex to awaken me. I'll switch back to Nav if it ever comes back to the US.

Since you're in the UK the Nav is available there, you're so lucky to have that option that we can't get here in the US.

Officially, the Dexcom works for 7 days and the Navigator works for 5. Most people extend these by resetting them after the official time is up. I generally use the navigator for 15 days. Sometimes I get less, sometimes more. My understanding is the Dexcom can usually be extended for 2 cycles, sometimes more.