Looking into getting a CGM

Good morning!!

So, I’m looking into the possibility of getting a CGM. I don’t mind giving myself injections, but I would like to be able to have something alert me when I’m going too low or too high. I was recommended the Dexcom 7 or the Navigator. I am totally new to any type of diabetic equipment - let alone the disease. :wink: I was use to seeing my mom test and give herself shots, so I was ok with doing that when I was diagnosed with T1. However, now that I have a toddler and we are alone for most of the day together - I would like something to alert me that I’m going low. If it wasn’t for my neighbor waking me up one time, I don’t know if I would have woken up from my low. I woke up and felt horrible, tested, and I was in the low 40’s - scary thing was - I had no idea I was dropping that fast. Scary stuff.

So bottom line - I’m praying about it and taking suggestions and comments. :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening.


I’m sure you already know that the readings are less accurate than finger-sticking but with the low alarms and trend information made possible by CGM you should avert many of the lows you experience. I read good things about both systems. You may want to see the online simulations and manuals because something may jump out at you. Some differences that are minor to others might matter a lot to you. For example, the Navigator’s wireless receiver range is longer than the Dex, 10 feet vs 5 feet, and for some people that could be crucial. I find that I really like seeing the trend line graph at a glance on the Dex, not just the latest reading and directional arrow. The Nav has more full-featured trend line graphs but it takes multiple button presses to access them.

I have tried both systems you mention and think you can’t go wrong. I love my Navigator though. I’ve been wearing it daily since November. The selling points for me were the ridiculous range (I can be rooms away and it picks me up), the shorter sensor beneath the skin (though a larger outward appearance of the transmitter), and the more frequent readings. When I started on the Nav, the new Dex 7 Plus wasn’t out yet, so the Nav was the hands down winner as far as information available on the handheld device.