Which CGMS to choose? Help!

So I’ve decided to jump in and purchase a CGM. I am 99% sure that with a 5.7% A1c and few wide swings of blood sugar I will not get coverage, so cost is something to seriously think about. I’m hoping that I can get some good advice from you people on which to choose (specifically hoping some Navigator users will come along). Some of the things I’ve noticed:

Navigator - $1600 up front cost (but replaceable batteries!), most accurate (?), there may be some adhesive issues, receiver rocks out w/ all of the bells and whistles (I can analyze data until the cows come home).
Dexcom - cheapest start-up, receiver/transmitter only last ~ 1year and then have to buy new ones, no fancy tools in receiver, sensor/transmitter seems to be the least obtrusive and problematic.
MM Real-time - $1k startup and no replaceable batteries w/ $500 to replace ~1yr old transmitter, works w/ my pump, apparently has weak signal wayyy too often, sensor must be taped down w/ Tegaderm, etc.

Anything else to consider? I’m leaning towards throwing caution to the wind and plunking down $1600 for the Navigator in the hopes that when they inevitably come out with a smaller, better sensor in the next few months, it will still work with the same receiver.

I’m also looking for a new CGM. I’ve been using the Minimed MiniLink since it came out, and I’m really unhappy with it. The Minimed pump has served my needs for several years now but I’m looking for a new pump now too. I’m leaning towards the Omnipod and Dexcom. Any feedback I can get here would be so appreciated! Anyone is free to email me too! c.germanATsbcglobalDOTnet Thanks!


I am biased but I would get the Minimed. Not sure who is complaining about week signals but I hardly ever have an issue with that. I will admit on the 8th day of wearing a sensor you will get a week signal and then a lost sensor, but all one has to do is charge the transmitter and hook it back up-select find lost sensor and away you go.

The other thing to consider is that you get to use Carelink which does a great job of showing your data and how you are trending. I find that when I look at my data over 12 weeks and then go get an A1c done that my data matches my A1c result. This is even with the sensor showing some crazy numbers at times.

One other thought to ask yourself is do you want to carry another device around-me personally “NO.” I also can’t complain as my insurance company has paid for my sensors and the initial start up transmitter/sensor kit.

I think that you will want to wear the smallest sensor possible. I think the Navigator would be in the way a lot and I think my current Medtronic sensor can be in the way and it is really small. If you ever do Yoga you will see what I mean!! Good luck on your decision I look forward to reading what others have to say.