Goo when sensor patch removed


I apply my Dexcom and use the medical adhesive over the patch. It collects stuff on the edges, so when I remove the sensor I have a gummy black oval on my skin.

Tried alcohol, oil. Even scraping did not work. Just used Goo Gone, and it worked.

What do you do? Goo Gone seems over the top.


I use Remove Adhesive Remover Wipes


With either alcohol preps or baby oil on a cotton ball, the adhesive does come off. But I do have to scrub a bit, I periodically use UniSolve but it isn’t cheap and smells like gasoline.


We’ve used De-solv-it since my daughter started on Dexcom 9+ years ago. It’s cheap, works great, is easy on her sensitive skin, & travels well in a small pump spray bottle we bought at the local dollar store. I have been able to buy it at some Walmarts, & also ACE hardware.


Unisolve is a great product.


UNISOLVE. [20 characters…}


I don’t get the same kind of heavy residue with my Libre sensors, but there is often some adhesive left behind. I used to use Unisolve, but more recently, I’ve just dusted some talcum powder over the sticky area. Everything wears off in a few days and nothing sticks to my clothing. If it were an appearance issue, say at the swimming pool, I would probably revert to the Unisolve.


Uni-Solve for me too. Only thing that kinda sucks about it is the smell. Soap takes it off though.


I have plenty of alcohol (91% and 70%–not drinking!) in the house, so I soak a baby washcloth with it and rub my hands with that, to get either Skin Tac, or Unisolve.


Bought some Unisolve last night. Thanks!