Best place to get pods?

My starter kit and 3 months of pods arrive in 2-3 weeks. This was all purchased directly from Insulet.

The initial cost seems to be retail price, which, for a pack of 10 pods, is a bit over $600.

ADW American Diabetes Wholesale has a box of 10 for $360, which seems like a really good deal. Buy 3+ at a time (90 days), and they're $342/ea.

This is the best deal I've found. The starter kit is already too far along to screw with at this point (I suppose I could, but I don't want to), but I definitely don't want to pay Insulet's prices for refills.

Comments? Who's getting their pods direct from Insulet, what's the cost (not your out of pocket, but what you+insurance are paying)? Did you know about ADW? Anyone using ADW, and if so, how's the service?



I get mine direct from omnipod ,insurance pays the whole shot , I get 3 months supply 30 pods for $900 I am in Canada

I also get from OmniPod and pay $300 per box.

Why does it matter if ins pays for it?

I get them from Insulet…

I used to get them from Edgepark. Before I got ins that paid for the pods. I paid out of pocket, $300 per box.

Now, through my ins, I get them from Insulet , 3 mo supply for $85. I feel like I won the lottery. :-).

I have a few boxes of the old pods …

Insulet charged $269.50 for a box of 10. My co pay was $53.90.

Medco charged $1,028.75 for 3 boxes of 10 ($342.92/box of 10). My copay was $0.

the new pods haven't been approved by health Canada so we are still old pods for some time to come

I believe the street price is around $250/box. Byram Healthcare charged me $275/box last May (my last order of *old* pods); I've got a large deductible so I typically pay full cost.

The cost Byram invoiced my insurance administrator (BCBSO) was $520.83/box, BCBSO reduced this to $275. This is for the old pods, so far I haven't been billed for the first shipment of the new ones; I have a shot of whisky on hold for the day that arrives.

These prices are consistent with a retail price of $600 (for old pods). Insulet can't afford to undercut their distributors and retailers margins, so they count two steps (distributor, retailer) and double the cost at each step - this is standard pricing. So Insulet are getting paid $150/box of pods and whatever the differences we see are because of competition between our insurance companies (the retailers, effectively) and the distributors.

(Incidentally, it apparently costs Insulet $75/box to manufacture the pods, but this does not include their overheads - i.e. $75/box is COGS (Cost Of Goods at Source), it doesn't include all those customer service people we talk to. As rule of thumb the net profit should be 33% (the gross is 100%)).

John Bowler

Try Liberty Medical. My insurance only gives them about $240/box. I pay nothing out of pocket.

I use ADW occasionally for non-prescription, out of pocket purchases (not pods). Their service is just fine. I'm on the west coast and they are in Florida, so delivery can be slow. I always opt for the cheapest shipping, so the slower delivery is as expected.