Where do you get your Pod supplies?

We were recommended to Liberty when Caileigh first went on the pump (Cosmo) by her Dr. Liberty’s customer service started out great and then declined fast. Now we are with Insulet and so far, things are better. Is there any other providers that are competitive in pricing or must we pay what they tell us? Kind of like gasoline. We’ve got have it so, we will pay whatever it takes I guess.

I buy from Insulet, then BlueBlue BlueShield PPO pays a portion. Insulet charged $1,078 for 40 pods ($26.95 each). My portion was $364 ($9.10 each).

I’m interested to find out if there is a less expensive way to buy pods. I know the average selling price (ASP as they call it on the quarterly calls) is $28 or $29, so I thought my price was about right.

I used Edgepark when I had United Healthcare. Not sure if they would give you a better price. When I changed to BCBS I was told I had to use Insulet. It was nice getting my supplies from Edgepark because they had a distribution center in the Dallas TX area so I got my pods the next day.


My cost above from Insulet included a portion of deductible. If I were to purchase now that I’ve met my deductible, my portion of the $1,078 should be $178.55 or $4.46 per pod.

If I purchased via Medco (my Rx provider), my price would be $208.45 for 30 pods or $6.95 each.

My insurance (Guardian, One Net) considers Insulet “out of network” so I get my supplies at American Diabetes Wholesale American Diabetes Wholesale.com, where I pay only my yearly $300 deductable for durable medical equipment. I meet my deductable on my first order for the year and going forward have no additional out-of-pocket cost.

As you can see from the earlier replies, YMMV, It DEPENDS… So. Are you insured, or cash pay? And where are you? If you are cash pay, Solaris, in California had really good rates on the PDM.