I Need Help Finding A New Omnipod Supplier!

My insurance only paid 65% of Pod price to insulet, so 2 years ago I switch to Diabetes Management and Supplies which was in my network here in Mississippi. Pods being a medical device, I have $1000 deductible to meet. This company is charging $520 for a box of pods where Insulet charges $365. I need a new supplier and my insurance prefers Liberty Medical. I've called them twice today and both reps were idiots.

Any recommendations?

You can try naborhood diabetes

I get mine thru Liberty & have had wonderful service. You need to speak directly to the Pump dept personal, not the regular operators (based overseas) who are pretty useless. My insurance company has a contract with Liberty . They only pay insulet about $175 per box of pods.

I use Edgepark Medical. But if you still have your deductible to meet, you may be stuck paying whatever, as you will hit that $1000 anyway. I hope you already found a resolution.

My pods come direct from Insulet and they charge my insurance around $415/box. Pricing of this stuff is so random...

Have you talked to Insulet to ask for 3rd party suppliers? Or to your insurer about DME suppliers that are in-network? A supplier in your insurance company's network may get you a lower deductible, but that depends on your insurance coverage. Might take some back and forth. And it seems like many larger suppliers have a diabetes supplies department,so if you end up calling the supplier ask to talk to them from the outset.

Thanks everyone. Insulet did recommend some suppliers as did my doctor. My insurance company, BCBS is affiliated with only one supplier. CCS Medical is the one my doctor said that many patients had and they seem like the winner. They speak good English and are knowledgeable.