Anyone know the price of pods?

My husband’s employer just changed insurance plans and I learned this afternoon that we will have to pay ‘out-of-pocket’ for durable medical equipment - which I think includes the pods. Our deductible is $5000. Does anyone know of a reasonable and dependable place to buy them? I still have some pods left from my last order, so I do have time to call different places. I just don’t know where to start. Any information is welcomed.

You should call Insulet and ask them about purchasing them direct. I believe they are $30 per pod.

I pay for my pods myself because Medicare will NOT pay for them. SO, I get them from Edgepark, and I pay
$300 a box and I get a 3 month supply. Yeah, OUCH!!
Insulet was more expensive.

I pay $276 a box, the insurance negotiated price with my supplier. Check and see if your new insurance company has a negotiated price. Good luck! Insurance changes are always fun!

I just ended up with the 5000 deductible too and I am paying 232 for a box of 10. It depends on the specific “deal” they have worked out with your insurance. Shop around to some approved providers from your insurance.

I have UHC and go through Edgepark. They bill $2500 for 5 boxes and get $1500 in payment. That is $30/pod. I also have a $5000 deductible. My new year starts again in July.

Have a Blessed Day!